Victoria Beckham Recreating Her Signature Leg Pose is Giving Us Life

The businesswoman is giving us a kick out of her latest Instagram video

By Pamela Avila Oct 19, 2019 8:59 PMTags
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Posh Spice is giving us a kick out of her latest Instagram video. 

The former Spice Girls member and businesswoman, Victoria Beckham is bringing back her signature leg power pose. 

If you're a real one, you might remember when Victoria first introduced us to her signature leg power pose back in 2016, with no explanation of the new phenomenon whatsoever. 

Whether she was posing with others in a photo, simply chilling on the couch on her cell phone, or just doing her nails, Victoria proved to be quite flexible and unbothered striking a pose with her leg up in the air. 

Now, Victoria and her signature pose are back and flexible as ever — and she posted a Boomerang video to prove it. 

In true Victoria fashion, the 45-year-old icon can be seen dressed in all black at what looks like a diner, sippin' on either coffee or tea, as she strikes whips her leg up in the air in the middle of the dining establishment.

Because why not? 

Victoria Beckham Is Still Winning After 20 Years in the Biz

The fashion designer also hilariously captioned her post, "Leaving NYC. Feeling good about my Rockettes audition, fingers crossed! Kisses VB." For good measure, she followed her caption with 15 emoji of the twinning dancing ladies (you know which ones). 

This is Victoria's world and we're living in it.