Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Rocks a "Pornstache" in This Must-See Throwback Pic

Looks like someone rocked a "pornstache" before he was old enough to get his full driver's license.

By Corinne Heller Oct 18, 2019 2:59 PMTags
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What was The Rock cooking when he was a teenager? A "pornstache" fit for a narc.

Dwayne Johnson posted on his Instagram page on Friday a throwback pic of himself at that age, looking much skinnier and less muscular that he is today (but still pretty muscular), and sporting a full head of dark hair and a thin mustache.

"#flashbackfriday to that special time when I was a 15yr old punk kid, 6'4, barely 200lbs, creepy mustache and forced to leave Hawai'i to live in Nashville, TN - where I just enrolled in a new high school - and EVERYONE (students and teachers) treated me like I had the plague and stayed away because they were all convinced I was an undercover cop," the wrestling champion-turned blockbuster actor wrote. "True story."

"I had a WILD and unbelievable life and journey as a kid and teenager," he continued. "Kickin' puberty's ass from day 1.  #PornstacheJohnson #YoureUnderArrest."

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His latest pic has been liked more than four million times.