Mike Johnson Sets the Record Straight on Asking Out Keke Palmer

The Bachelor Nation star told his side of the story on an episode of Chicks in the Office. He argues he was just trying to flip the question

By Elyse Dupre Oct 17, 2019 2:59 PMTags

Mike Johnson is telling his side of the story. 

The Bachelorette alum appeared on Thursday's episode of Chicks in the Office and set the record straight on his recent exchange with Keke Palmer.

For those who need a recap: Johnson appeared on an episode of Strahan, Sara and Keke earlier this week. During the interview, the Texas native was asked about his recent outing with Demi Lovato. The reality TV star then tried to change the topic.                                                                                     

"I made a mistake. I don't like dating in public," he said, referencing a recent overshare. He then turned to Palmer and asked, "But if I were to ask you if we could go on a date in the public..." 

Before he could even finish, the audience started to cheer. Palmer also covered her face and urged her co-hosts Michael Strahan and Sara Haines to ask the next question.

During his interview on the Barstool Sports podcast, Johnson insisted he was just trying to change the course of the conversation. 

"What had happened was [Palmer] was asking me questions about Demi. I've messed up in the past by speaking publicly about my personal things. So, I vowed not to do that again," he said. "She was asking me questions. She had asked me a second question, and I really didn't want to speak on it. So, I did what most people would do in the situation that are good at doing interviews: They flip it."

"Bachelorette's" Mike Johnson Felt Sexy After Demi Lovato Shoutout

While Johnson thought he was "being cute and funny and innocent," he soon realized not everyone agreed.

"I got, like, the most unfollows ever in one day yesterday," he said.

He then said he could have flipped the question to Haines but didn't because she's married and he didn't want to be disrespectful.

As for his critics, Johnson said he doesn't care what they say.

"I'm complete trash in your eyes? Cool. Or, I'm a great guy in someone else's eyes." he said, adding that he knows he's truly loved. "My mama loves me, my sister loves me, my grandma loves me." 

So, where does he stand with Palmer? While Johnson said he thinks she's attractive and that "she has a wonderful personality and that she exudes excellence," he made it clear the invite occurred because he "simply flipped" the question.

He also wouldn't comment on if he's single.

"I am going to be private on my dating life," he said.


Palmer also shared her side of the story during a recent episode of her morning show. When asked if she was going on a date with Johnson, she said, "No."

"First of all, I get really spooked about, you know, entertainers or reality…I don't know. It really scares me to date people in the industry. That's number one," she said. "Number two, he asked me in front of everybody. I felt totally like no."

In addition, she said she felt "ambushed" and like the whole thing was a "gag."

To hear Johnson's full interview, click here.