Eva Mendes' Halloween Struggle Is Such a Relatable Mom Moment

The actress revealed her and Ryan Gosling's two daughters only have one costume in mind every year.

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Eva Mendes, The Kelly Clarkson Show 2019Adam Christopher /NBCUniversal

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling's daughters are big Judy Garland fans.

During an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show on Thursday, Mendes revealed that her kidsEsmerelda, 5, and Amada, 3, have a go-to Halloween costume. Much to her dismay. "They're constantly dressing up," she said. "And our kids are obsessed with Wizard of Oz and Dorothy, so they've been Dorothy every year."

While, as host Kelly Clarkson noted, that must be easy on the wallet, Mendes is hoping that one day they'll want to sport a spookier look for October 31. "Financially great," the 45-year-old admitted. "We're like, 'Let's, you know, maybe we could do like a bloody Dorothy?' Like, 'I could just put some blood on you or something! ‘Cause really? Dorothy again?'"

Alas, no such luck.

Thankfully, the American Idol alum can commiserate. However, she has a different situation with 5-year-old daughter River. "What my daughter did was tell me she wanted to be Princess in Black," the singer said. "We're reading these books. There is no costume for that. I had to make it happen and put it all together with all of my free time, Eva."


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And, as kids do, River quickly changed her mind, asking to be Anna from Frozen

As Clarkson joked, "I would love it if she wanted to be Dorothy every Halloween."

Now tap your heels together three times and watch Clarkson and Mendes bond over the joys of motherhood in the video above.