Kylie Jenner Reunites With Travis Scott to Enjoy ''Family'' Time With Stormi Webster

It's been a month since the two decided to hit the pause button on their relationship

By Cydney Contreras Oct 14, 2019 10:38 PMTags

Family first, always.

Time and time again, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have proven that Stormi Webster is their utmost priority. When Travis was on his Astroworld tour, Kylie and Stormi were right there beside him. Not to mention the fact that Kylie built an entire nursery in the Kylie Cosmetics offices so that she's never too far away from her little one. Honestly, the list can go on.

So it's no surprise that these two stars are constantly carving time out of their busy schedules for their baby girl, even though they are "taking space apart."

A source tells E! News that Travis, Kylie and Stormi spent the Sunday together at the makeup mogul's Calabasas home. "They got along well and were so happy being a family with Stormi," the insider shares. "It looked like nothing has changed with them."

In fact, a source previously shared that they're considering getting back together after a month of being apart. But now it looks like a reconciliation is certainly in the very near future, with the source revealing, "They are recovering from [their break] and are happy to spend time together again."


Their family day was definitely made all that much sweeter by Stormi's presence. As she approaches her 2nd birthday, the toddler's personality comes through more and more. For example, she's clearly a music buff and recognizes her dad's tunes. On his Instagram Story he shared a video of her dancing to one of his songs, which was too precious.

In a recent interview, Travis positively gushed over his daughter. He told GQ Germany, "To observe how your daughter gets a little older every day is the most magical experience in the world."

And perhaps he and Kylie will be able to do it all over again. The 22-year-old recently said that she "can't wait" to have another baby.