Danielle Fishel Reveals Why You'll Never See a Photo of Her Son's Face on Instagram

By Vannessa Jackson Oct 14, 2019 8:29 PMTags

Keep the comments to yourself! 

Danielle Fishel has a lot to celebrate. The former Boy Meets World actress just became a new mom to son Adler Karp on June 24. She's also busy launching a new hair care line and continuing to work on different acting projects. Luckily, she stopped by Daily Pop to chat with hosts Justin Sylvester and Carissa Culiner, and give the world an update on baby Adler. 

Danielle, whose son was born 4-weeks early, spent 21-days in the NICU after his birth. A journey that Danielle has been fairly open about and hopes will help to encourage other moms out there who have experienced the same thing. "I think my advice would be: what comes naturally is knowing when is this going to be over? When are we going to be out?" she shared. "The thing I learned very quickly about the NICU is no one's in a rush. The baby is dictating and that's the way it should be." 

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After going through such a difficult journey, it makes sense that Danielle would feel very protective over her precious son. She's gotten some fan push-back for why she doesn't share photos of his face online, and the reason for her is simple. 

"People have asked why is it okay on TV versus not on social media," she explained. "For me, it's all about comments. Someday when he has his own social media page and that's what he decides to do, I don't want him googling his name and seeing a picture I posted of him and some keyboard gangster going on there and making a comment about him. That's forever tied to him." 

While she's taken a firm stance, that doesn't make it any easier! "Everyday I take these super cute pictures of him and I'm like I want to brag. I want to show everyone so badly."

Stay strong, Danielle!  

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