Hilary Duff Dishes on Motherhood and What Fans Can Expect from the Lizzie McGuire Reboot

The Younger star lets us in on her 11-month-old daughter's favorite foods and what she's most excited in regards to the Disney+ reboot

By Spencer Lubitz, Pamela Avila Oct 13, 2019 6:50 PMTags
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Hilary Duff is ready to bring Lizzie McGuire back to life. 

On Oct. 12, at the 5th Annual Baby Ball in Los Angeles, the Younger actress spoke with E! News about her 11-month-old daughter's latest milestones and what fans can expect from the upcoming Lizzie McGuire reboot. 

In case you missed the great news, The Lizzie McGuire Movie actress announced back in August that she'd be returning as the iconic Lizzie McGuire in a sequel series set to stream on Disney+.

The reboot will follow Lizzie as a 30-year-old millennial navigating life in New York City, and the show's original creator Terri Minsky is set to executive produce and serve as showrunner. 

Production for the reboot is set to begin at the end of October, E! News has learned.

"I have said this before, but for me coming back when she's 30 and she's not in a marriage and she's not having a baby and she's not doing all the things that I have already done in my life, that story is really exciting for me," the 32-year-old actress told E! News on Saturday at the 2019 Baby Ball event in Hollywood, which she attended with her partner Matthew Koma. "I think to myself, where can we go? What are the struggles of a 30-year-old right now? What are the pressures that life throws in front of a woman who is 30 and doesn't have all the things yet? And for me, that's Lizzie McGuire, she had those struggles in middle school where she didn't have a place where she fits in and you know [...] always on the struggle bus, but she's also your best friend, and that's exactly what I want to target and hit home again—is being there for girls in this time of their life." 

It sounds like Duff is more ready than ever to hit the ground running reprising her role as Lizzie McGuire. 

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"The opportunities are really endless," Duff continued. "Maybe at the end of the series we see her having a baby? You know, maybe it's hard for her to get pregnant? Maybe there is something bad happening on her 30th birthday in the first episode? Maybe she's going to be in her childhood bedroom in the first episode? I don't know! There's all this fun! We want to give fans what they want, but we also want to have a completely new show." 

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Duff's partner, Koma, also showed his endless support for this new chapter in her career.

Back in September, Koma shared some sweet footage on his Instagram of Duff and her kids watching the iconic 2003 film for the first time ever. 

"This guy [Matthew] was like, smiling at the screen the whole time," the mother-of-two said of Koma's first time watching The Lizzie McGuire Movie

"She was so cute, it was awesome," Koma told E! News. "Luca has never seen it either. He loved it. We all loved it." 

"We've been sick in our household for like a month straight, it was a lazy Sunday, and we watched it. It was fun," Duff said. 

The A Cinderella Story actress said it was good for her to watch "for homework."

"I have been watching a lot of shows and I figured, I should probably watch the movie, too," she said. "I haven't seen it since the premiere night. That was a really crazy time in my life. I had had a lot of Lizzie McGuire. I shot 65 episodes in under 2 years and then did the movie and I was like, I never want to see her again. And then, as I got older, I realized how much I love her, and how much that means to me, and how important of a character that was in my life." 

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Duff, who looked flawless in a marigold and black mini-dress with her hair slicked back at the 5th Annual Baby Ball, also gave E! News a little update on her daughter, Banks Violet Blair, and how motherhood has been treating her lately. 

While Duff keeps some aspects of her life private, she's not one to shy away from showing the good and the bad when it comes to motherhood. On Instagram, she's shared with her 13 million followers the difficult decision she had to make to stop breastfeeding her daughter at 6 months, how isolating it was when she became a mother at 24-years-old and the day to day struggles of being a mother. 

But Duff also keeps it lighthearted. 

Yesterday, she shared a photo on Instagram of her little one showing off her baby grill. 


"She has got the two bottom teeth, but the two top ones have been waiting forever to come out. You can see them now when she smiles," Duff told E! News. "I was like, teeth, teeth, teeth!! I thought we forgot to build them for a second. I'm like, yo girl, where are your teeth?" 

But Banks' lack of a full set of teeth isn't stopping her from munching on her favorite foods.

While Duff shared that she's been refusing to eat pureed foods, Banks' loves a good croissant. 

"Matthew gives her a croissant every single morning," Duff said. "They got get coffee, and she has a croissant." 

And everything mom eats, Banks' wants a little taste of as well. 

"She eats everything we eat, to be honest [...] everything I have she wants. I'm the target in particular. If she sees me eating something, she's like, I want that!"