Cody Simpson Is Taking Care of Miley Cyrus After Surgery and Prepping for Halloween

The two have been getting cozy over the past couple of weeks following her breakups from Kaitlynn Carter and Liam Hemsworth, who has moved on as well with a new woman.

By Corinne Heller Oct 12, 2019 10:06 PMTags
Watch: Cody Simpson Is Nursing Miley Cyrus Back to Health After Surgery

Cody Simpson has been helping to nurse Miley Cyrus back to health following her hospitalization and surgery and is looking forward to celebrating Halloween with her.

The 22-year-old Australian singer and 26-year-old pop star have been getting cozy over the past couple of weeks following her breakups from Kaitlynn Carter, who she dated for two months, and Liam Hemsworth, who filed for divorce in August after eight months of marriage and a 10-year on-again, off-again relationship. Miley recently underwent surgery to treat tonsillitis and Cody, who she dubbed her "BF," visited her in the hospital, where he serenaded her with a new song.

"She's still recovering. She had tonsillitis and had surgery this week so I've just been trying to take care of her through all that," Cody told E! News on Friday at the Tiffany & Co.'s launch of the new Tiffany Men's Collections at the Hollywood Athletic Club.

"Miley has been advised to lay low for the next several days and rest her voice so she will be hanging at home," a source recently told E! News. "Cody has been with her as much as he can, and they have been pretty inseparable this last week."

Miley Cyrus & Cody Simpson's Friendship Through the Years

Meanwhile, the two have some fun times ahead: Halloween is coming up.

"We're trying to think about costumes right now," Cody said. "I have no idea. I really want to go see the new Joker movie because I'm a really big fan of the Health [Ledger] version. I've done that for Halloween a couple of times, so I was thinking of going and seeing that and maybe doing...I don't know. I have no plans.

He said he and Miley want to attend one of Universal Studios Hollywood's Halloween Horror Nights, a popular destination for celebs in recent days.


Cody did not elaborate on his relationship with Miley. When asked if she was The One, he told Us Weekly at the event, "Oh, I don't know. It's too early to say."

"They are definitely into each other but are not dating," the source had told E! News. "Miley loves her freedom and is just having fun. Her and Cody have a lot in common and have been also hanging out in the studio playing around with new music. She likes hanging out with him because he is very chill and makes her laugh."

"Miley is being Miley," another source previously told E! News. "She is having fun and that's all. She is not looking for anything serious. She has known Cody for a long time and is very comfortable with him. There's no strings attached and she is just going to see where each day takes her."

The public flirting continues: Cody posted on his Instagram a photo of himself at the Tiffany & Co. event. Miley commented, "Boo thang."

"Does Miley share?" one fan asked.

Miley responded with a thumbs down emoji.

Meanwhile, Liam has moved on as well: He was recently photographed packing on the PDA with fellow Australian star and Dynasty actress Maddison Brown in New York City.