Rob Leaves Edward (and Fanggirls) in the Dust?

Robert Pattinson tries to be different in Little Ashes

By Ted Casablanca Apr 08, 2009 12:15 PMTags
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A few clips have been released on MTV of Robert Pattinson in his upcoming anti-Twilight flick Little Ashes.

R. Pattz shot this movie before the vampire megahit, and as he has said on numerous occasions, pretty P doesn't want to be typecast as a heartthrob.

Well, he sure won't have to worry about that in this quasi-gritty movie 'cause Rob-babe plays a young Salvador Dali, a character with all kinds of gay tendencies.

So will the Robert obsessees follow this flick, too? It's one helluva departure from their beloved Twi character. Or is it?

Seems like in the two clips, Pattz sort of moons, vacant-faced, through this one, too. Granted, what can you tell from a minute-long snippet of an entire film? We'll gladly give R the benefit of the doubt and check out his acting chops May 8.

Either way, bravo to the kid for recognizing his need for diverse films from the get-go, so unlike counterpart Zac Efron, who totally backed out of Footloose way last minute.

Seriously though, this film is gonna put the Rob fanggirls to the test. Will they be able to stand seeing their boy-toy kinda gayed up? Or is it Edward whom they are all really in love with. Opening weekend should be interesting! 

Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder