Um, James Corden and Adam DeVine Don’t Know How Babies Are Made

The host and actor, alongside Succession star Kiernan Culkin, performed a hilarious sketch about the birds and the bees.

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Seems like James Corden and Adam DeVine missed sex-ed.

In a The Late Late Show with James Corden sketch on Wednesday night, Corden and DeVine played a pair of naive cops alongside Succession star Kiernan Culkin. Following a supposed bank robbery, the crime-fighting duo brought in an innocent Culkin for questioning. Alas, he had an airtight alibi that, shockingly, threw the two for a loop: He was at the hospital with his wife, who had given birth to a baby the same night.

"That seems awfully convenient, doesn't it?" Corden pressed. "Where did you get this baby?" Culkin's response was obvious: "Uh, from my wife?"

For his part, DeVine was equally confused. "So, what?" he asked. "Your wife just handed you a baby just out of thin air? Just handed you a baby?" As Culkin responded, "Well, no. She gave birth to it."

Childbirth? Never heard of it! DeVine and Corden were in disbelief as Culkin—who just so happened to welcome his first child IRL with wife Jazz Charton last month—painstakingly attempted to teach them where babies come from.

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"Okay, well," quipped Corden, "Then how does a baby get in a woman?" 

Ah, yes. Definitely missed sex-ed! "Uh, okay," Culkin explained, wondering how he ended up in this situation. "Well, one of her eggs is fertilized, and then over the course of about nine months, it grows into a baby."

Cue Corden and DeVine's laughter. "You're saying there's eggs inside ladies?" DeVine asked. "Because I don't know, last time I checked, my wife, my mother, my sweet departed grandmother, they weren't—bock, bock—chickens."

Culkin heroically tried to explain the birds and the bees, but Corden and DeVine, bless their hearts, just couldn't grasp the concept.

"Let's go back to the part where you said they got to be fertilized," Corden asked, clearly more curious about this than the robbery. "Fertilized? What do you do? You're throwing dirt inside of her or something? I've got to be honest, I'm finding your story a little hard to believe, buddy. Now who drove the getaway car?"

Nothing got the cops more heated than when Culkin explained what role a man's "seed" plays in all of this. "Take that back!" DeVine yelled, smacking Culkin's water out of his hand. "You think I'm some kind of apple?! Is that what you think?! You think I got seeds inside of me?!"

Then the actor whispered all of the intimate details about baby making to the cops. Horrified, the two were more than happy to let Culkin leave when his lawyer arrived.

But it was too late. They were two men, forever changed.

Check out the hilarious video to see how Corden and DeVine processed this life-changing information.