Jordyn Woods Reveals the Moment That ''Completely Changed Her Life''

''It's scary putting yourself out there and talking to the camera, and thinking, 'Am I being awkward, or will people like this,''' the model begins her YouTube video

By Alyssa Morin Oct 09, 2019 11:05 PMTags
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Jordyn Woods isn't holding back anymore.

The 22-year-old star is ready to share her world with her followers, so much so that she has entered the YouTube space with the launch of her new channel. In fact, she has already uploaded her first video, where she candidly speaks about reaching her "lowest point," how she learned to love her body and the moment that forever impacted her life... for the better.

"Oh my gosh, guys. I'm so nervous to be sitting in front of this camera," she began her 22-minute YouTube video. "It's scary putting yourself out there and talking to the camera, and thinking, 'Am I being awkward, or will people like this?' But I'm over it."

For her first upload, the Secndnture athleisure founder opened up about the moment that truly "changed her life" and how she didn't let it "define" her. If anything, she explained that learning to "grow through it" taught her so much about herself.

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"I had a very triggering moment in my journey of losing my father," she shared about her dad, John Woods, who passed away from cancer in January 2017. "Which completely ignited something within my body, even though it was probably the worst thing I had to go through, I learned that the bad things that happen to you don't have to define you."

She continued, "Even though they do define your character, who you are, you always have to learn and grow through it."

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For the 22-year-old model, she said one of the ways she coped with her dad's passing was by exercising and focusing on her health.

"My trigger was getting myself to the gym," Jordyn shared. "That completely changed my life, and that moment got me to the gym."

She added, "Gym became my therapy, gym became the thing I looked forward to, and not only was it helping me emotionally, it was physically changing my body and making me feel better."

However, the fitness guru recalls the hurtful comments she received when she started to lose weight and work out. "I remember I was working out so much, and people were like, 'Oh, you're not body positive anymore.' I think that body positivity is really loving the skin that you're in and wanting to be the best version of yourself," she explained, adding, "So, yes, I'm body positive and, yes, I'm kicking ass because I want to feel good and look good."

Right now, the model wants to create a community where she can inspire and motivate others to start their fitness journey. Plus, she shares that she wants to be held accountable, too.

"I've been working really hard on getting together programs, which are coming out November," she teased. "A lot of my programs are really targeted towards glutes, legs, some abs. I'm still working on getting my abs."

All in all, this is a new beginning for the reality TV personality, and she's ready to share her world with you. See her full video above!