The Jonas Brothers Joke This Celeb Is "Responsible" for Their Entire Career

The band revealed they owe their success to a very famous television star.

By Vannessa Jackson Oct 08, 2019 4:22 PMTags
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It always takes a village. 

While the Jonas Brothers are admittedly very hardworking and have been in the music industry for years, they didn't do it alone. Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday and told host Ellen DeGeneres they owe it all to her! After she gave the guys a hard time for not visiting the show following their reunion, she explained just why she was mad at them. 

"I'm very upset because I feel responsible for your career," she told them honestly. She has a point! Ellen has been a big staple in helping them promote their work and detailing all the big milestones that shot them to superstar status. 

"That was our first platinum record that you gave to us," Nick revealed after seeing an old photo of them with Ellen. "So many memories on this stage with you, that stage right over there performing—both together and solo. So to come back now is really special, so thank you." 

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Ellen has seen the band through a lot and they haven't slowed down a bit since. In fact, their most recent tour sold out in minutes, which just stood as further proof that this was the perfect time for a comeback

"We really didn't know what was going to happen when we got back together to talk about the idea of doing this," Joe shared. "It really shows that the fans stuck around and waited and supported us through the individual projects and what we were up to. We announced this thing and the music took off right away. It did feel like okay this is meant to be. We're supposed to do this again." 

Plus, with all of them being married men, they get the added bonus of sharing these special moments with their loved ones.

"It's been beyond amazing to experience this every single night again," Kevin shared. "I truly never thought we were going to do it again, and to have now have my daughters be apart of it and see it is beyond."