Caught! Cameron and Owen on the Down-Low in Fla.

Cameron Diaz and Owen Wilson spotted in sunny South Beach

By Ted Casablanca Apr 07, 2009 6:00 PMTags
Cameron Diaz330/ZBP/

Cameron Diaz, flying into Miami on a Saturday and hitting up yumtastic eatery Quattro in South Beach. Cam's still as svelte as she was back in her Charlie's Angels days—how the ef does this girl dine at such delicious places without ordering just agua?

Another star fluttering away to Ef-Hell-Ay was...

Owen Wilson, seeking some privacy—but apparently not getting enough of it—in Key Biscayne. Ow-hon hung out here while filming Marley & Me and musta grown attached to the low-key island. Wil-babe tried to keep it on the down-low this time without a film crew, but still got noticed by a particularly bitchy sandy source who called Owen "that actor with the big nose." Hey, that could be Adrien BrodyDustin Hoffman or tons of other guys from T-town! ('Twas Ow, however).

More happily being noticed back on South Beach was...

Ludacris, having dinner at Meat Market and cutting it way too close to his 8 p.m. show at the Up-Roar Concert at Florida International University, located more than a half hour away. Lud made it, just barely, and put on quite a show. We forgot this guy still raps! When most rappers hit the big screen, they rarely go back. When was the last time Will Smith released a single?

Glistening, too, for all the celeb reasons in South Beach was...

Michael Peña, stopping by Regal South Beach Cinema 18 to take some Q's after an Observe and Report screening. Costar Seth Rogen got the air-conditioned studios, seems unfair, no? An audience member asked what it was like to work with Seth, and Michael said, "I hate it—nah, Seth's a cool guy." That's all ya got? Please. Even we have more details on Rogen, and they're tons more interesting than that.

—Additional reporting by Becky Bain and Martin Haro