Most OMG Moments From The Wendy Williams Show This Year

By Kelsey Klemme Oct 21, 2019 1:00 PMTags

Ooh, ooh! How you doin? 

Wendy Williams is doing pretty good, because she is nominated at the E! People's Choice Awards! The Wendy Williams Show is up for The Daytime Talk Show of 2019 and any fan of Williams knows that this year had some of of her most OMG-worthy moments to date.

It's no surprise, given that Williams had a year full of relationship and health issues that the energetic TV host never shies away from talking about. At the beginning of the year, she missed the premiere date of her show, with her team citing complications with Grave's disease, and eventually Nick Cannon stepped in to serve as a guest host in February.

Williams finally returned from her hiatus in March, where she told her audience that she was living in a sober home. The next month, the TV personality filed for divorce from her husband of 21 years, Kevin Hunter

Throughout the various events this year, Williams often tells her audience how she is feeling, living through each experience with them.

To recap, we have rounded up some of the most dramatic moments from the show this year to help you get to know the daytime talk show host even better.

To see if Williams walks home with the trophy, tune into the live award show on Nov. 10

Wendy Speaks Her Truth

After fans wondered where Williams had been after a two-month absence, the host returned to the show to share that she had been living in a sober house. Tearing up, she stated that, "I go to several meetings all around town in the Tri-State area and I see my brother and sisters caught up in their addiction and looking for help."

"So that is my truth," she continued. She then shared information about the Hunter Foundation, which at the time of her segment had placed 56 people in recovery centers, and the hotline (1-888-5HUNTER) that people can call anytime. The emotional return to her show kicked off what would become one of her most vulnerable years on the show yet.

Wendy Moves On

In April, Williams told her audience that she would be moving out of her sober house soon and added, "It'll be Wendy all alone." This was in reference to fact that just a few days earlier, Williams had filed for divorce from her husband. 

"I have to tell you, you know I've been dealing with issues with addiction, alcoholism, and I have a whole new life that I planned for myself and my son," she continued. "Addressing my sobriety, my addiction head on has really helped me sort out every compartment of my life." 

Bow Wow Drama

In July, a feud between Williams and Bow Wow set off the Internet after Bow Wow body-shamed Williams. The whole incident started with Bow Wow changing up the lyrics to "Like U" to say "I had this b*tch first" in reference to Ciara, who he dated in the mid-2000s.

Williams scolded Bow Wow for the disrespectful lyrics, saying, "Young man, come on now. So what?" Williams then pulled up a photo from when the couple dated and took a shot at the rapper's height, pointing out he was standing on his toes.

Bow Wow fired back on Twitter, posting a photo of Williams in a bikini with a sarcastic caption reading, "They say it's a hot girl summer."

Williams clapped back on her show, alluding to the post by saying, ""Please refrain from your body shame. You don't have to like it, but someone does." 

Wendy's Hot Girl Summer

In July, Williams kicked off her show in high-energy with, "I'm the hot topic!"

After talking about going on a party bus with Blac Chyna, Williams revealed she turned down a guy who was interested with her and dropped a bomb that is was because, "I'm not on the market anymore."

The audience erupted into cheers and Williams went on that, "Look, I'm not in love but there's somebody that I'm crazy about!" While she didn't name names, she dropped that the mystery man is a doctor and that, "When it comes time for the comfort of the man, I need someone in his 50s, too." Given that Williams loves to spill the tea, we're sure at some point we'll learn who this lover is!

Shading Her Ex

During a "Hot Topics" segment in October, Williams threw a little shade at her ex-husband and his alleged mistress, Sharina Hudson. While discussing the 'hot felon' Jeremy Meeks and his new girlfriend, Williams alluded to a joke she made on a previous "Hot Topics" segment. 

"I used to say this as a joke on 'Hot Topics': poke a hole in the condom and get pregnant, but that backfired on me didn't it?" she quipped to audience gasps. Hudson gave birth earlier this year, so Williams' joke seemed to be alluding to the possibility that Hunter is involved with that child (however, so far there has been no official confirmation).

She wasn't done, either. Later in the segment, Williams went on saying, "She regrets that mess, though. Life is not what you think it is behind-the-scenes. Trust me! Homegirl is the meantime I'm over here like huh. That's what you get!" It really wouldn't be the Wendy Williams show without moments like this, and that's why we love her!