Kanye West Describes Falling in Love With Kim Kardashian on True Hollywood Story

By Emily Mae Czachor Oct 07, 2019 4:53 PMTags

Kanye West has a way with words.

Kim Kardashian and her husband chronicle the early days of their relationship in this exclusive clip from Sunday's new True Hollywood Story, which analyzes the TV personality's (previously) nontraditional path to superstardom and ultimately seeks to answer the question, "Who is Kim Kardashian West?" Various members of Kim's inner circle will weigh in throughout the episode, including Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick and Keeping Up With the Kardashians' EP Farnaz Farjam Chazan, among others.

In today's clip, we hear from Kanye, who looks back on falling in love with the KUWTK star—and promptly rattles off a list of her greatest attributes—during an exceedingly heartfelt confessional-style interview.

"Every time I was around her or I saw her, it was a magnetic attraction to this force of energy," the artist remembers, before going on to describe his now-wife of five years as "good," "pure," "happy," "loving," "courageous" and "strong." 

But solid as the power couple's relationship is now, its origin story was not free of challenges. During her own solo sit-down with the THS camera, Kim recalls the flack her husband received when the two officially started dating back in 2012, a decade after their first meeting.


"I mean, everyone would tell him, 'You can't be with her. She's a reality star. She's gonna sink your career,'" she recounts, continuing on to say Kanye was always keen on following his heart instead of the public's opinion. "He was just like, 'But I love her. I don't care.'"

Hear more about the beginnings of Kim and Kanye's romance in the full clip above! You can catch Sunday's Kim-centric E! True Hollywood Story early by watching the YouTube video above.