Spoiler Chat: What's Izzie Doing on Her Deathbed?

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The members of the George-Izzie-Alex love triangle on Grey's Anatomy turn out to be key players in this last run of season five G.A. episodes. Find out how Izzie's screwing up Alex's game and giving George a nudge forward; plus, what huge project will occupy Iz's final days? (Hint: It's not just knitting a ginormous green scarf for Bailey.)

And who's getting a big shiny engagement rock on 30 Rock? Did Serena really get married on Gossip Girl? (And who is Georgina back to torture?)

Also, which Ocean's Eleven castmember is guesting in the House finale?

Donna in Las Vegas: Any news on Gossip Girl?

Dara Kushner/INFphoto.com

Check out the spoiler section for more dish on Serena, Mr. Serena and Georgina! We actually have to wait until April 20 for new Gossip Girl episodes, but that just means we're going to have to while the hours while we wait with a new Love Debate. If you're a fan of either Nate-Blair or Blair-Chuck, we're now taking arguments in favor of both sides. Write up 250 words or less about why Blair belongs with a certain guy, email it in to tvdiva@eonline.com and in the near future, we'll post the best, most persuasive points of view and open the floor to discussion about which pairing is best. Get your submissions in by Friday if you have something to say about Blair's one true partner.

Jamie in Newport Beach, Calif.: Any truth to the story that 90210 producers are trying to get the rights from Josh Schwartz to use his character from The O.C., Luke Ward (Chris Carmack), so they could bring him onto the show as Ethan's cousin?
Wow, great rumor. Unfortunately, we won't be seeing good ol' Luke on 90210. A source close to the show tells us that's a solid "not true."

Lydia in Pennsylvania: Do you know when the season one DVD will be released for True Blood? I'm waiting patiently since my friends are raving about this show and I don't have HBO!
Mark May 19 on your calendar, because that's when True Blood's S1 DVD drops. But here's an early present. The trailer! Check it out here. And we just heard we'll have to wait until August for Sons of Anarchy. (Everyone needs "The Pull" within clicking distance, and it isn't on Hulu anymore. Bah!)

Greg Gayne/FOX

Vicky in Midland, Mich.: Is it true Stephen Fry is returning to Bones?
Yes, there will be a bit of Fry in the April 16 ep, and Bones boss Hart Hanson tells us, "Stephen Fry is wonderful. He has a great chemistry with David Boreanaz, and he has scenes with John Francis Daley, who is ostensibly the guy who replaced him. It was a thrill to have him here." Holler!

Mark in Phoenix: Can we get any info or scoop on the new CBS show Harper's Island? It looks awesome!
The first of Harper's Island's 13 episodes premieres Thursday, April 9, at 10 p.m. on CBS. But don't get too attached to any of the characters: At least two (members of a wedding party) will die before the end of the first ep, and plenty more follow until the killer is revealed in the last ep (July 2). Sadly, it looks like the annoying flower girl, Madison (whom the producers want you to believe is "spooky"), is one of the survivors. Get a sneak peek into the show at its much-creepier companion website, Harper's Globe, which delves into the town's historic mass murders—and why they are (dun, dun, dun!) happening again!

NBC Photo: Mitchell Haaseth

Lauren W.: You mentioned Southland is going to take over ER's old time slot, but I thought Leno was going to be on NBC nightly at 10 p.m.
That Leno sitch starts next fall, so for the duration of this season, Southland is in the old ER slot at 10 p.m. on Thursday. BTW, don't listen to the fancy TV critics who crank about Southland being uninspired. True, it's not rewriting any television paradigms, but it's still an eminently watchable television program made by a bunch of stone-cold professionals. If you like your video iPod and/or any of the flickering pictures that come out of the box in your living room, you will like Southland.

Sean in Manchester, U.K.: Have you seen the Parks and Recreation pilot yet? Is it any good?
In Office fashion, it may take you a while to catch on and start giggling, but by the time Amy Poehler falls into an open pit, we promise you'll be laughing.

Molly in Los Angeles: I am obsessed with NBC's new show Kings. I'm worried they won't show all the episodes. Can you tell me how it's doing and if it's in danger?
The bad news is that Kings is very definitely in danger. We'll be including it in our Save One Show campaign (due to start any day now), so swing by then to vote and support your show. What's the good news? A source whispers, "At this point, there are no plans to change the Kings airings." Translation: Out of respect for the show (and in particular, creator Michael Green and star Ian McShane), NBC will probably finish out the show's full 13-episode, first-season run, even though the ratings have been—well, let's say, challenging.


Tracey in Chicago: Any new Grey's Anatomy news?
When Anatomy finally comes back April 23—shock of shocks—George gets a storyline. Yes, our boy George once again one-ups Alex (remember the heart surgery in the elevator?) when Alex freaks out in the middle of a trauma (understandable given that his girlfriend is, like, dying). And as reported by Shonda Rhimes herself (gasp!), Derek and Mer are supposed to be getting married in the upcoming 100th episode, and Izzie's dying wish is to give them the wedding she may or may not be able to ever have herself. (Sad face.) P.S. At this point, our best guesstimate on the finale is that Izzie goes into remission (but the producers keep Katherine Heigl in line with the threat of new malignancies), while George joins the Army medical corps, sending him into the sunset in a way that keeps him available for sweeps-week guest spots if they can afford his fee. What's your theory of the crime? Post in the comments.

Heath in Boston: Thanks for the intel on the House and Cuddy hookup! Any more scoop on the season finale?
Yup, our House source spotted finale guest star Carl Reiner (Ocean's Eleven) on the set, along with a half-dressed male stripper running out of the clinic dressed as a pirate. Either Cuddy is getting twice the action in one day, or House has a crazy patient on his hands.

Giovanni Rufino / The CW

Zarina in Connecticut: On Gossip Girl, Serena got married to Gabriel? OMG!
Darn you, promo monkeys! Always with the misdirection! But we can save our OMGs on this one, because Serena did not get married for reals.

Jenna in Irving, Texas: When does Georgina return to Gossip Girl?
Georgina returns April 27 and sticks around for the last four episodes of the season (the finale is on May 18). Georgina may have become a good Christian girl, but Michelle Trachtenberg teases that she's still causing her fair share of trouble, "Her last name is Sparks, so sparks will fly." Michelle adds that she is "causing quite a stir, as Georgina does," before the end of the season. Why kind of stir? Well, sources whisper that Blair had better beware. (Eeee!)

Tania in Los Angeles: When will Fringe be back?
is finally back on Tuesday night, and you will never believe the scoop we have for you: Olivia has a son! OK, not really, but it sure caught your attention. She does, however, develop a bit of a maternal bond with a young boy who's been living underground with no food and no water for years. He's pale white and bald and has got to be a mini-Observer, right? Speaking of Observers, according to Anna Torv, "We're shooting the final episode and we're sort of starting to get more of a glimpse into what their function is." Guesses, besides the obvious?


Celia in Missoula, Mont.: I know you probably can't say if Violet's baby daddy on Private Practice is Pete or Sheldon, but can you tell us when we'll find out? Is it the April 23 or April 30 episode?
All we can say is that the revealing photo on the right is from the April 30 finale ep, and that Violet will "make a choice between Pete and Sheldon" in the Private Practice season finale. (Go team Pete!)

Gisselle in Tampa, Fla.: When are Sawyer and Kate getting back together on Lost?
No time in season five, but check back for season six. You should like what you see... (P.S. Exec prod Eddy Kitsis says, perhaps jokingly, perhaps not, "Season six is free to be you and me. Do what you feel.")

Melva in Orlando: My favorite Lost characters have remained Jack, Charlie, Boone and Sayid since the first ep. I'm down by two. So, can you help a sister out: Are Jack and Sayid a sure bet to live through next season? I can't imagine a Lost series finale without either of them!
No promises about a series finale, but neither Jack nor Sayid are the major Lost death happening in season five.

Tony in Hoboken, N.J.: Hey, guys, any word yet on what the code name for the Lost finale's final scene will be?
Yes. It's not as boring as "The Bagel," but not as laugh-out-loud silly as "Frozen Donkey Wheel." This year's name was chosen from fan submissions, and the winning name is..."The Fork in the Outlet," according to ABC reps. The actual episode, though, is titled "The Incident." Sounds like the Losties are going to be messing with the electromagnetic power of the Island, to return to the future or to unleash the metal-shavings monster. (Remember what Michael Emerson told us about Smokey? "I think it all has something to do with metallic dust. I think the smoke monster is connected to that ring of powder that surrounds Jacob's cabin. They've established that there are supermagnetic forces at work on the Island, so what better medium for those forces to work through than through fine filings of metal.")

Sam: Did Heather Locklear give Melrose a final "no"?
Yes. Heather is officially a "no" for now. But who's on top of everybody's Melrose Place wish list after Heather and Leighton? Thomas Calabro back in his original Melrose role of Michael Mancini? Cross your fingers!

Fiona in Reston, Va.: Is it true that Clark is finally gonna fly this season on Smallville?
There's no proper flying or supersuit this season, but there will be a Smallville "leap" that goes above and beyond a tall building—but it isn't actually flying. Sorry Superfans.

Cara in Boston: Is there any hope for the future with Justin and Rebecca on Brothers & Sisters?
There is hope! In fact, I'm hearing Justin will be down on one knee in front of his entire family before the Brothers & Sisters season finale, but could Rebecca already be on a Silver-esque downward spiral? We'll have to wait until next season to find out. Meanwhile, any guesses on which B&S couple nearly engages in a ménage à trois?


Andy in Long Beach, Calif.: I'm reading some weird stuff about Tommy joining a cult on Brothers & Sisters. Is it true?
Despite what our frenemy is reporting and what Nora Walker (Sally Field) thinks, Tommy does not join a cult. Instead he's doing something very Sayid-ish down in Mexico, minus the houses.

Jess in Council Bluffs, Neb.: What can you tell us about The Bachelor-inspired episode of CSI: Miami coming up?
Why have us tell you when we can have CSI: Miami hottie Eva La Rue fill you in? "This episode is about The Bachelor, although we're calling it "The Marrying Kind," she says. "And it all sort of came about because we sort of got killed in the ratings by The Bachelor, but not really killed. It was more sort of maimed. And so we just thought that turnabout was fair play—that we should do a show about the marrying kind and that we, being a show about murder, should kill back." And speaking of this ep, Emily Procter tells us, "There's a girl that I love named Austin, and she's actually the bachelorette that bites the bullet. Austin's been a waitress at one of my favorite restaurants forever, and I said, 'Are you an actress? Give me your head shot!' So I'm really excited for her. I remember when that was me." Awww, cuteness!

Lori in Darien, Conn.: I'm so bummed there isn't a new episode of The Big Bang Theory tonight! Anything coming up?
The Big Bang Theory
is back next week with lots of its usual funny! Kevin Sussman drops by as a comic book store employee who goes toe-to-toe with Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and surprisingly hits it off with Penny (Kaley Cuoco). And since this guy is pretty nerdy himself, expect Leonard (Johnny Galecki) to be slightly peeved—and probably a little jealous, too!

Diana: Mama needs 24 news!
Elisha Cuthbert
returns as Kim next week. and we have it on good authority that she and Jack do share oxygen/scenes—this isn't just a phoner

Jackie in Silver Spring, Md.: Got any scoop on what's in store for the upcoming season of Weeds  this summer? I'm dying for anything.
We'll tease you with the fate of kidnapped Celia (Elizabeth Perkins) for now. Don't expect to see Celia's exodus from Mexico anytime soon, but, says show runner Jenji Kohan, "She may start to like it." What?!

H: Yay for P.J. and Bobby on My Boys! Will it last?
Now that you know P.J. and Bobby (Kyle Howard) are together on My Boys, we can finally dish that the relationship will stick. Jordana Spiro teases, "There's another bag of tricks you can play in when you have a relationship that's relatively healthy and stable. You deal with jealousy issues or career issues, who's moving ahead faster or slower." P.J. and Bobby are just like every other couple, and they'll face a huge bump in their relationship once they have to figure out their Facebook status. (Seriously!)

NBC Photo: Jessica Miglio

Felicia in Tallahassee, Fla.: 30 Rock has been having a great run of eps! Any new news?
On April 23, Jack drags Liz to a jewelry store to shop for engagement rings, and Salma Hayek is back as Elisa. Coincidence? (Nope, not at all.) Seriously though, how can they tease us with "Lemon, I really don't know what I do without you," and then give Elisa an engagement ring!? Arrgh!

Lionel in Perkasie, Penn.: What's coming up on Eureka?
We caught up with Eureka's Colin Ferguson and he told us, "We left with Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) getting pregnant, so we deal with that over the course of the season. Henry's (Joe Morton) long-lost love comes back, and I have a love interest for the season. It's not Allison, so it's got complications. And Zoe (Jordan Hinson) is getting ready to go off to college, or not." Colin also gets to direct an episode this season. "It's probably the best episode anyone's ever directed, for sure!" he jokes.

Mitch in Austin, Texas: What's going on with Stargate Universe?
Lots of dying, that's what! Robert Carlyle gives us the Stargate scoop: "In the first three hours [of the first episode] there are three deaths. By episode six, there is a suicide, so people are really struggling up there. Of the first six episodes, the first three are all in one [story] called "Air." The next one is called 'Fire,' the next one is called 'Earth,' and the next one is called 'Water.' What makes this different from the previous Stargate franchise pieces is that it's a lot darker."

Ron in Brattleboro, Vt.: What's coming up when Sanctuary returns?
"We ended with a bit of a cliffhanger at the end of the first season," Sanctuary's Amanda Tapping tells us, "and this first part of this season is really dark. It's darker and edgier, and we're dealing with a force that could potentially destroy Sanctuary, so there's a huge edge to it. I think we'll see a lot more of the dark, angry side of [my character] Helen Magnus in the first part of the season." Adds Robin Dunne, "There's some heavy stuff in the two-hour opener that I think fans are really going to be blown away by. This adhesive that keeps them all together, this belief, gets rattled a little bit."

NBC Photo: Justin Stephens

Melanie in Reseda, Calif.: Is there any chance we will ever see any Stabler-Benson action on Law & Order: SVU?
Is it just us or does it seem like that sorta-relationship has been teased for the past 10 seasons? Unfortunately for you Stenson fans, there aren't any plans for a future relationship. Show runner Neal Baer tells us that Stabler's rocky marriage is finally on an upswing and that some of the Stabler clan is heading back to SVU. "We might be seeing a family member again before the end of the year." As far as Olivia and Elliott go, Neal is really playing up the success of their partnership. "I don't think any show has gone on as long as SVU with the same partners. Mariska [Hargitay] and Chris [Meloni] have been on the show together for ten years." At least we can look forward to more Stenson goodness in the future, even if it's not some romantic hanky-panky!

Kristi in Advance, N.C.: Could you scrounge up some In Plain Sight scoop for my birthday?
Happy birthday! Here's your present: When In Plain Sight returns on April 19, Mary is having a hard time getting over that little hostage crisis from the first season finale. As for Mary's personal life, Jinx does something especially terrible in the second ep back, Cristian de la Fuente gets a shower scene (whee!), and there is absolutely no visible progress on the Mary and Marshal Marshall front.

Kristi: There has been a complete lack of Law & Order: Criminal Intent info!
The new season of Criminal Intent starts out a little slow (it's like someone slipped a Xanax in D'Onofrio's Odwalla), but Jeff Goldblum brings it when he joins the cast on April 26. His twitchy, musically inclined detective fits perfectly into the cast—nice chemistry with partner Julianne Nicholson and the perfect yin to Goren's yang. Losing Chris Noth was a bummer, but Goldblum more than makes up for the deficit. L&O: CI returns to USA on April 19.

—Reporting by Natalie Abrams, Carrie Borzillo-Vrenna, Jennifer Godwin, Blair Hagata, Megan Masters, Drusilla Moorhouse & Bryan Reesman