Sonya Deville Rekindles Things With Her Ex-Girlfriend & Carmella Is a Little Bit Skeptical on Total Divas

By Emily Mae Czachor Oct 04, 2019 6:00 PMTags
Watch: Carmella Is Confused When Sonya Brings Ex-GF Arianna to Party

Sonya Deville is not so single anymore.

The WWE superstar—who claimed to be "back on the market, baby," during last week's Total Divas premiere—gets her girlfriend and groove back in this sweet clip from Tuesday's new episode. After mending things with on-again, off-again muse Arianna on Valentine's Day, Sonya shows up to Nattie Neidhart's place (where the wrestling pro is throwing her mom a birthday bash) with her plus one in tow.

"I feel like I'm in the freakin' twilight zone," Carmella exclaims, since she wasn't expecting to see Nia Jax at this party and now her BFF is here with an ex she's been struggling to get over for some time. "Sonya's my friend. She's one of my best friends," Mella continues. "So, I have a little bit of a guard up when it comes to Arianna."

Understandable, though it seems pretty safe to say the returning Divas star doesn't have to worry too much about her pal's relationship update. As observed by most everyone in the room, Sonya's clearly caught the love bug and her giddiness is nice to see.

Where Should Single Sonya Deville Find a Partner?

"She's got this different pep in her step," Nattie observes, while her colleague cracks jokes in the entryway. And though it's hard to believe Carmella hasn't noticed, she'd still like more information about how this romance reunion came to be.

"I thought you guys broke up. I'm so confused," she tells Sonya later, when the two sit down for a more private catch-up in Nattie's backyard. Of course, once her friend explains that she and Arianna just reconciled over V-Day dinner the night before—something she was always planning to talk to Carmella about, but wanted to make sure they "were on the same page" first—Carmella has the clarity she needs and also some news of her own to share.

"I just want you to be happy, that's all I care about," she says. Then, "Also…I have something to tell you."

Any guesses? Meet Sonya's sort-of-new boo in the clip above!