Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest Will Forever Change How You Look at Whipped Cream

Things took a turn for the sticky during a commercial break on their show today.

By kelli boyle Oct 02, 2019 5:46 PMTags
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Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest are not ones to leave their fans without entertainment, even during a commercial break!

In a video shared to the Live With Kelly and Ryan Twitter account on Wednesday, Seacrest is seen pouring whipped cream out of a can into the mouths' of audience members. Things took a sticky turn when Seacrest then smeared the treat all over a bald man's head. "We go WILD during commercial breaks," read the clip's caption.

What happens next though was, er, unexpected. Ripa, who is celebrating her 49th birthday today, approached the seated man and licked the whipped cream right off of his head. However, she didn't get all of it, so Seacrest went in and finished the job.

Yelled the fan, "Happy birthday to me!" To which Ripa quipped back, "I'm pretty sure that we are now all engaged."

Clearly, the birthday spirit was contagious on set today.

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Earlier in the show, Seacrest kicked off the festivities by filling his co-hosts' dressing room with balloons, bouquets of flowers and a card that was hidden too well for Ripa to find.

As for her husband Mark Consuelos, he slayed the birthday game by filling their NYC home with over $3,000 worth of gardenias. Ripa posted photos of the stunning flowers to her Instagram Story every time she discovered a new bouquet, calling Consuelos the "best husband ever."

And while he did make an appearance on the show today, he unfortunately passed on the whipped cream. There's always next year!