Kelly Clarkson's Cover of Lizzo's ''Juice'' Will Instantly Improve Your Monday

The singer jammed out to the bop of a track on her talk show on Monday.

By kelli boyle Sep 30, 2019 2:49 PMTags
Kelly Clarkson, LizzoCindy Ord/Getty Images, Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Bustle

Blame it on her juice. Kelly Clarkson just did a cover of one of Lizzo's hits, and it is everything.

In a segment of "Kellyoke," the singer blessed the Kelly Clarkson Show audience with her own cover the Lizzo bop, "Juice." It's a fitting song choice, considering Clarkson calls Mondays on her show "Motivational Mondays." And who makes us feel more motivated than Lizzo?! If she's shining, everybody's gonna shine.

Clarkson performed the self-love anthem with ease, starting the song off in the second verse. The host danced along with the audience while wearing a pastel rainbow, sparkling dress with black stiletto booties, and the crowd couldn't help but dance and sing along, proving that no one can resist dancing to a Lizzo track, even when it's early on a Monday morning.

America Ferrera also appeared on the show as part of Motivational Monday, and her interview with Clarkson was all about body positivity and supporting women. Two things Lizzo also loves!

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"I'm now in an amazing place where my relationship to my body is about celebration, and not about punishment," Ferrera told Clarkson, revealing that this positive mindset about her body stemmed from training for triathlons and giving birth to her son.

We stan a bunch of body positive queens!

Check out the video of Clarkson singing "Juice" and her interview with Ferrera to fill all of your Motivational Monday needs.