Meghan Markle Joins Prince Harry in Malawi via Skype While Baby Archie Naps

The Duke of Sussex recently left his wife and four-month-old son Archie Harrison in South Africa to embark on solo trips to Botswana, Angola and Malawi.

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While Meghan Markle stayed behind in South Africa with baby Archie Harrison as husband Prince Harry embarked on solo trips elsewhere in Africa, she made an unexpected appearance alongside him in Malawi. On Sunday, the Duke of Sussex met with students and alumni supported by U.K. scholarships from Campaign for Female Education at the Nalikule College of Education. They were seated in front of a TV screen.

"I know there's somebody else you'd far rather hear from than me, hopefully if technology doesn't fail us you may see somebody on the screen," Harry told the students.

Meghan suddenly appeared on the TV via Skypa, prompting the women to burst out into song.

"I'm so happy to be with you, is there a delay?" Meghan asked.

"No, it's great keep going," Harry replied.

"We're just so proud as president and vice-president of the Queen's Commonwealth Trust that we can support you in everything that you do because we cannot begin to express how valuable and vital that work is, we're just incredibly proud to be part of it," Meghan said. "I wish I could be with you, we're in South Africa right now Archie's taking a nap. I'm with you in spirit."

"Today, The Duchess of Sussex linked up with Nalikule College, Lilongwe, to join the Duke and an amazing group of women who attended school through the help @camfedand its 20-year-old alumni network CAMA," read a post on Meghan and Harry's Instagram page. "These CAMA women are part of a major network across Africa, which has 140,000 members and 17,500 in Malawi alone. These positive female role models, leaders and entrepreneurs, are working to lift their communities out of poverty. Money distributed by CAMA goes directly to each of their alumni, who then use their own resources to support another three children to attend school."

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"Along with support from the @Queens_Commonwealth_Trust, CAMA and @camfed are changing the lives of many young girls though education and empowerment," the post read. "As President and Vice President of the QCT, The Duke and Duchess both believe in the power of education to empower young girls, and change society as a whole."

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Meghan and Harry landed in South Africa last week to begin their first Royal tour with four-month-old Archie. In recent days, the duke has traveled on his own to Botswana, Angola and Malawi.

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During his travels, the duke has followed in his late mother Princess Diana's footsteps. In Angola, he walked down a street that was the site of a minefield the Princess Diana of Wales famously visited in 1997, visited the Princess Diana Orthopaedic Centre that his mother had visited and which was later renamed after her, and met with 35-year-old land mine victim Sandra Thijika, who had met Diana when she was a teenager.

Also in Angola, Harry visited a facility run by the Born Free to Shine project, which teaches about preventing HIV transmission from mothers to babies, and met with pregnant moms and HIV+ teens, and visited the neonatal ward. In 1987, Diana made headlines when she shook hands without gloves with an HIV-positive man at a London hospital, at a time when many mistakenly thought HIV and AIDS could be transmitted by touch.

On Monday, Harry is set to visit Malawai's Liwonde National Park and join an anti-poaching patrol watch an anti-poaching demonstration by local rangers and U.K. troops. On Tuesday, he is scheduled to visit the Mauwa Health Centre and other health facilities before rejoining his family in South Africa to wrap up their tour.