Aaron Carter Debuts New Face Tattoo Amid Family Feud

The singer has been feuding with brother Nick Carter and sister Angel Cater, who have taken out restraining orders against him.

By Corinne Heller Sep 28, 2019 5:48 PMTags
Watch: Aaron Carter Debuts New Face Tattoo Amid Family Feud

Amid massive family drama, Aaron Carter is making a personal statement, and it's written on his face.

The 31-year-old singer posted on Instagram on Saturday a shirtless mirror selfie showing him sporting a new tattoo of what appears to be the Greek Mythology monster Medusa covering his jaw, cheek, cheekbone, temple and under his eye. She has snakes instead of hair and has the power to turn people to stone just by looking at them.

Aaron, who previously sported many tattoos all over his body but never his face, did not address his new ink, but rather wrote, "IM THE BIGGEST THING IN MUSIC RIGHT NOW. I CANT BE DENIED. FACT CHECK ME. #unstoppable #LMG #SilenceBreaker"

Aaron debuted his new tattoo as he continues to feud with his twin sister Angel Carter and brother Nick Carter, 39, who recently obtained restraining orders against him, alleging he allegedly threatened their families and said he thinks about killing them.

"I WILL be showing up to court for my sister, Angel's case against me," Aaron tweeted early on Saturday. "But I will not be going for my brother, Nick. I don't care if he has a restraining order against me, I will never see or speak to him again or the rest of my family."

A Complete Timeline of the Ongoing Drama Surrounding Aaron Carter and His Family

Aaron had previously said in response to the restraining orders, "I do not wish harm to anyone, especially my family."

Instagram / Aaron Carter

Meanwhile, Aaron recently made some shocking claims of his own against his family; he claimed their late sister Leslie Carter  sexually abused him when he was younger and also said Nick abused him his "whole life."

In recent weeks, Aaron has canceled a tour and spoken on TV about suffering from multiple personality disorder, schizophrenia, acute anxiety and manic depression. 

"I'm doing just fine," Aaron tweeted early on Saturday. "I ask you repent my and leave me alone. I already have to move and I don't need to be under scrutiny with every decision I make. I will take the necessary precautions to protect myself, and when I move no one will know where I live! #MissingMyMom right now."