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"This month requires adjustments to our relationships," notes our resident spiritual advisor Lisa Greenfield. "There needs to be a healthy balance of 'me and we.'"

By Katherine Riley Oct 01, 2019 10:30 AMTags
E-Comm: October Horoscopes

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Believe it or not, it's October already. It's officially Halloween time. And a new month also means a new shoppable horoscope!

"This month requires adjustments to our relationships," notes our resident spiritual advisor Lisa Greenfield. "Libra season squares off with both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, so it's time to decide what works for you in your relationship, not what you were told should work. There needs to be a healthy balance of 'me and we,' but how you get there is your unique experience. Start with what makes you dance with joy and begin there."

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Time to balance the scales, my beautiful Libra. Equitable exchange continues to be your theme. Add a necklace with both the sun and the moon to symbolize where you are the light and where you reflect it back to those you love. Where would we be without both our luminaries?


My deep one, time to update healthy self interest for both you and your beloved. While devotion is your strong suit, you must allow authentic yesses and noes between you to be truly united. Get a double circle necklace to show that two individuals can still stay interlocked beautifully while being individually whole at the same time.


You have it in you to love the whole world, archer, but only as well as you love yourself. This month your desires need a fresh start. Add your birthstone necklace as a reminder that dreams as big as the sky start from a single point of focus.


Underlying motives are your big concern this month. Those not-so-secret drives for power are merely a longing for love. Put on a fresh pair of fashion frames and take a closer look at where you've bargained for influence instead of true connection. Once you see it, you can trade up for the real thing.


You are law unto yourself this month, water bearer, so it's time to take a bow as the air traffic controller that you truly are. Put on your funkiest, most outrageously unique shoes as you stride in to take charge of the situation. You look so good in command.


Still waters run deep, my fish, and this month needs both depth and stillness for you. Time out is required for you to do what needs to be done for your relationships. Add a special pillow to hold a swimming head and soothe it. You'll find solid ground and all the good things waiting there.


Time to break free, rams, something you were born to do. There's nothing subtle about your breaking barriers this month. Add a strappy belt to remind you that power well harnessed gets you there without smashing those things you hold dear.


Oh there is good news for you, my proud bull. Happy home and good relationships are yours a little flexibility and tolerance. Deliciously soft loungewear reminds you to tempt others to a new point of view rather than forcing a point of view. Everyone wins in that scenario.


This month brings good news to my curious twin. Lots of opportunities and ideas everywhere you turn. Time to break out the bling, just what you love, and celebrate with what sparkles. All that shines on you will reflect off its surface and share your light with those around you.


Oh my tender one, time to stand on your own two feet in your relationships and offer the same gift to those you love. Don't save them from their lessons, love them while they learn with a great pair of parachute pants to help remind you to ripcord out of their messes. Your own life needs your attention first.


Mind your mouth this month, brave lions. Your words land more as a roar than a purr. Grab a soft plush sweater to remember to show your softer side to the world. Better a cozy wrap than suffer from the nip in the air from frosty words.


You've got an important job to do this month, earthy Virgo. You need to tell the unpleasant truth kindly. People need to face facts in order to make good decisions so put on the boldest lipstick and start talking. Serve the bad news up with both a soft and a strong note, like the color you're wearing.