Colin Jost and Michael Che’s Joke-Off With Jimmy Fallon Is Your Friday Must-See Video

The Saturday Night Live comedians riffed some hilarious lines with the late night host.

By kelli boyle Sep 27, 2019 1:49 PMTags
Colin Jost, Michael Che, Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight ShowAndrew Lipovsky/NBC

Saturday Night Live comes back this weekend and the cast is gearing up their best jokes in preparation.

The "Weekend Update" co-hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che popped over to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon for a little joke-off segment Thursday night—and they did not disappoint. Jimmy Fallon kicked off the segment with a quip about a Seattle coffee shop that only employs buff, shirtless men. "Best part is," he joked, "You can order your coffee tall, grande, or Magic Mike XXL."

But that was just the beginning. Cue Jost and Che, who challenged the SNL alum to a comedic battle. Who can come up with the best joke about these coffee shop? Well...

"It costs three bucks for a coffee," Jost began, "But 50 bucks for them to grind your bean." Which, naturally, slayed Fallon, Che and the audience. 

"Trust me," said Che, "You don't want to see how they draw a heart in your foam." Cringe.

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Indeed, it's Che who gets the last laugh with a quip about Jost's fiancée Scarlett Johansson: "Said Colin, ‘Please don't tell Scarlett you saw me here.'"

The jokes only get funnier and dirtier from there. They poke fun at an alcohol company making drinkable marijuana—"All marijuana is drinkable when the cops pull you over," joked Jost—and a twerk pit at an upcoming Iggy Azalea concert.

As Jost put it, "Okay, sure, right. But when I started twerk pit, I'm banned from Chuck E' Cheese."

Start your morning off right and watch all the amazing jokes in the video above.