YouTube's The Dolan Twins Drop $2 Million on Encino Mansion—and They're Only 19

The one story home sits on a half-acre of land north of Hollywood

By Cydney Contreras Sep 27, 2019 12:31 AMTags
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If there was ever a moment to regret not jumping on the Vine bandwagon, this is it. 

In the six-short years since starting their career on the Vine app, The Dolan Twins have made themselves an impressive career in the world of social media. Ethan and Grayson seamlessly navigated the shutdown of the video service and moved over to YouTube, where they now have over 10.5 million followers. And they are raking in millions of dollars a year with their videos and posts on social media, all at the age of 19. 

With their 20th birthdays looming in December, the teens are making the move from their equally stylish rental home in Encino, to a $2.5 million ranch-style home in the nearby hills. It is the perfect size, style and space for the influencers, coming in at 3,000 sq. ft. with four bedrooms and a spacious backyard—more than enough room for their wild antics.

Plus, the home is totally remodeled, so the boys will be living a life of luxury with their upscale appliances and marble counter tops. 


The twins' new home is now closer than ever to friends like James CharlesJenna Marbles and Logan Paul.

Although, lately Grayson and Ethan have been collaborating with stars like makeup mogul Jeffree Star. The duo recently switched lives with the artist and documented the entire experience in a video, which has 11 million views. 

Perhaps the two YouTubers will make an appearance on Jeffree's new series with Shane Dawson titled, "The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star." Just yesterday, Shane released the trailer and already has millions of fans waiting in eager anticipation for the Oct. 1 release date.