This Video Is Basically Keke Palmer’s Audition to Be the Fourth Member of Destiny’s Child

The Hustlers star sang her heart out and may be ready for her own girl group.

By Vannessa Jackson Sep 26, 2019 6:28 PMTags
Keke Palmer, Fashion Police WidgetParas Griffin/Getty Images

Keke Palmer is living her best life! 

The actress and musician sat down with Elle for their "Song Association" series and absolutely killed it. The video featured the Hustlers star being given random words and it was her job to name songs she associated with the word. In true Keke style, she instead sang her heart out to whatever song came to mind first. Let's just say she had a long list of epic songs running through her head to pull from. Including music from Ray J, Brandy, Monica and all our favorite 90's R&B kings and queens. 

However, it was her Destiny's Child song rendition that really hit a sweet note! When asked to name a song with the word "lady" in it, Keke immediately started belting out her own rendition of their classic song "Jumpin' Jumpin'." If you thought it was impossible to not dance to the original song, her version will make you crave a reunion even more. They might want to get the group back together and add Keke as a fourth! 

Keke Palmer Takes the E!Q in 42

The world already knew she had some major musical prowess, but this video put any lingering doubts at ease. In just the last few months she's become a host of a talk show, had the best viral moment of the year, and now starred in a major motion picture. 

This woman can do it all!

Go on with your bad self, Keke!