Jameela Jamil Has a Genius Hack That Guarantees She’s Never Too Far From the Snacks

The Good Place actress always has a light bite tucked away in her purse...or dress.

By Jamie Blynn Sep 26, 2019 1:05 PMTags
Jameela JamilAndrew Lipovsky/NBC

Jameela Jamil never shows up underdressed. 

"I wear gowns," she admitted to Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. "I have a distinct lack of chill. I wore one on your show because I was excited to be here."

But perhaps what makes her most stylish are her accessories. As it turns out, The Good Place actress rarely leaves home without a snack in her purse⁠—like at the 2019 Emmys⁠—or conveniently tucked away in her clothes.

"I have cheese on me now," she admitted to the late night host. "Do you want some?" And, much to the shock of Fallon and The Roots, she effortlessly pulled the light bite out of her dress' top.

But wait, there's more. The 33-year-old then reached up her gorgeous, floor length gown to retrieve "some sort of a yogurt snack" and, after a little more digging, a "dried meat stick."

Jameela Jamil Did Her Own Makeup on "The Good Place"

Of course, never forgetting her manners, she also arrived with a special treat for the host. "I heard you have a particularly favorite snack that is called a Skor," she said, handing over the chocolate bar. "And it's come from my boobs straight to you."

For his part, Fallon was hilariously amazed. "If you're watching live, I just Skor'd on TV," he said to the camera. "This is fantastic. Thank you for this. I do love a Skor bar."

That's not her only trick, either. As she previously told E! News, she's also a skilled makeup artist, oftentimes serving as her own glam squad on set of the NBC comedy.

Halfway through season one, "I realized the girls were getting in like 4:45 or 4:30 in the morning, sometimes 4:15," she revealed. "And I realized that we had an hour and 45 minutes in hair and makeup. I just sort of went to the producers of The Good Place and I was like, 'How ugly do you think I am? There's no prosthetics on me…I'll do my own makeup!' And so I did my own makeup for the show."

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