Zendaya, Jake Gyllenhaal & More Have The Best Clap Backs To These “Mean Tweets”

These celebrities didn't hold anything back during the hilarious Jimmy Kimmel Live! segment

By emily belfiore Sep 26, 2019 1:22 PMTags

Brushing off trolls is nothing new for celebrities—and the stars of Jimmy Kimmel Live!'s 12th edition of "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets" handled their social media haters like pros.

Jimmy Kimmel's fan-favorite segment, where stars read nasty comments written about them, aired on Wednesday night with guests from television and film, including Zendaya, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jon Hamm, Maisie Williams, Will Ferrell, Martin Short, David Harbour, Fred Savage, David Spade, Tiffany Haddish, Mark Hamill, Sarah Paulson, Chris Rock, and Jeff Goldblum.

This time around, the celebs in the hot seat had the best clap backs for their mean tweets and were able to put each tweet's anonymous author in their place.  

"I bet Zendaya's feet smell like Funyuns," the Euphoria star read. She then took off one of her sequined heels to prove them wrong. "Let's check, shall we?" she said into the camera. "No, smells like success to me."

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For his part, Gyllenhaal—Zendaya's Spider-Man: Far From Home co-star—took a different approach to his online critic. "Jake Gyllenhaal's dick smells like hot dog water," he read aloud. Keeping his cool, he replied, "It's like a haiku. It's a beautiful, beautiful thing to say." 

But that's only the beginning of this hysterical segment. Watch the video above to see how other stars reacted to their trolls.