Anna Kendrick Is Either the Absolute Best or Worst Travel Partner Of All Time

The Pitch Perfect actress tested the patience of the Dutch people and a close friend while abroad this summer.

By kelli boyle Sep 26, 2019 1:55 PMTags
Anna KendrickLloyd Bishop/NBC

The hills are alive...with the sound of Anna Kendrick.

The actress appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Wednesday to promote her new film The Day Shall Come and took the opportunity to remind the world she's a sarcastic person who loves musicals.

The interview started out with Kendrick and Seth Meyers bonding over their love of Amsterdam. Meyers, who used to live in the Dutch city, and Kendrick, who was recently there for work, gushed over the city's gorgeous scenery. But, Kendrick's signature sarcasm apparently didn't translate very well with the Dutch people. Oops.

"I went on the canals," she recalled. "I ended up, you know, just for fun, videoing the whole canals and the scenery and stuff." Then Kendrick, being Kendrick, said she would sarcastically quip to those around her that Amsterdam isn't that great. "It was just sort of, like, sarcastically going, ‘Ugh, God, it's ugly here. Like, how do you people even wake up in the morning and look at the scenery?'"

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"Most people understood that that was me saying it was very beautiful and there were a couple of Dutch people who thought I was being very rude and I should go back to my country," she continued. "But then a fair amount of people came to my defense."

But, as it turns out, she ended up getting a crash course in Dutch while listening to the natives try and explain her humor.

"Now I know the Dutch word for sarcastic, which is 'sarcastisch.' Not that hard," she admitted, revealing the other explanation the natives gave for her humor. "Several said, you know, ‘She's just drunk.' So, now I also know 'dronken' is the Dutch word for drunk."

Ah, the things you learn abroad.

The next part of her European adventure was a trip to Switzerland with a friend.

Kendrick, being the musical lover she is, couldn't resist the urge to belt out songs from The Sound of Music whenever the spirit of Julie Andrews moved her, which was often and much to the chagrin of her friend.

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"Every hillside was the most perfectly designed, cutest, most amazing. I took a friend of mine, and she was very grateful to be taken to Switzerland," Kendrick told Meyers. Her friend, she said, became less grateful every time they reached a new hill, though, as that became Kendrick's cue to start singing again.

"It was like really watching a test of our friendship play out on her face," she continued. "Knowing, like, ‘She bought me this trip to Switzerland. Be nice.' But then, how many times can I sing ‘High on a hill was a lonely goatherd' before she murders me on this hilltop and leaves the body?"

Excellent question.

It sounds like, unlike edelweiss, the Dutch people and her friend were not too happy to meet her.