Who Won Big Brother Season 21?

Jackson Michie, Holly Allen, and Nicole Anthony battled it out to win a half a million dollars in the Wednesday night finale

By Lauren Piester Sep 26, 2019 3:14 AMTags
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Congratulations are in order!

Big Brother just named the winner of season 21, and in the end it wasn't much of a surprise. Jackson Michie walked away with the prize, after a wild number of wins throughout the season and after winning the final head of household, versus his showmance partner Holly. 

But the jury wasn't always totally sure. The eliminated houseguests met at the beginning of the finale to discuss the final three, and there were disagreements over whether Michie deserved it just based on how he thought he was such a stand-up guy, instead of owning up to how much scheming he had to do throughout the game. 

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There were also concerns over his final three competitors, Holly Allen and Nicole Anthony. Not everybody had seen all of the game they had each played, and everyone credited a different person with how far they had gotten in the game.

After Nicole was eliminated, and the jury got to question the final two, Michie was presented with some of the controversies that had come up throughout the season, including accusations of racism and ageism when it appeared that other houseguests were being targeted for non-game reasons. He seemed shocked by this and tried to explain that he's "not racist" and all his decisions were based purely on gameplay. Apparently his explanation was good enough to get him the six votes he got to win. 

Nicole was then named America's Favorite Houseguest, and was it just us, or did people in the room seem more excited about that than anything else? 

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