Lady Gaga Surprising a Fan With a Makeup Tutorial Will Leave You In Tears

A Star Is Born actress has sweet encounter with one of her "little monsters."

By Vannessa Jackson Sep 25, 2019 6:40 PMTags
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Break out the tissues because Lady Gaga has done it again.

This month, the singer is featured on the cover of Allure magazine for their October "Best of Beauty" issue. Brandon Galaz is an aspiring cosmetologist and one of Gaga's biggest fans, so she invited him to a Haus Laboratories makeup session with artist Sarah Tanno

During the makeup application, Brandon shared a touching letter he wrote for Lady Gaga. "I don't know what age exactly I knew I was gay, but I always felt different and that I had no one to turn to for advice," he shared. "Your lyrics in 'Born This Way' spoke to me." Before he can finish, Brandon was given the shock of a lifetime! 

Unbeknownst to the super-fan, his idol was just a few feet away watching on a monitor backstage as he read the touching letter he wrote for her. Within moments, she has her arms wrapped around him in a sweet embrace. Cue the tears! 

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Of course she let him finish his letter to her while standing beside him in awe. Brandon wasn't the only one who got some lessons, Gaga also thanked him for reminding her what it's all about. "You reminded me that it's important to see yourself as you see you," she shared.

After some kind words of gratitude, Gaga actually started doing his makeup herself! The two shared their love of makeup and why it's important to use it to express who you are and what you're feeling. Before leaving, she thanked Brandon for inspiring her and a generation of young people to be more brave and bold with their own stories. "You're so brave and so beautiful...I love you," she told him. 

The musician left to let Brandon and Sarah finish their session, but then returned in tears to once again thank him. "My mic's not on anymore and they probably can't hear me, but I just want to say that letter that you wrote is why I do what I do. Thank you for sharing that. It's so vulnerable, so honest, so real," she told him. "That's not easy, what you did. You just changed a lot of people's lives. When they see this, they'll be less afraid." 

Sarah also finished her session by sharing her story of how Gaga changed her life as well. "I feel some similar things that you said, and she gave me a lot of courage too, so we have a lot in common," the makeup artist revealed. "I have failed several times. Had to move home and start all over again. I just knew I wanted this so bad that there wasn't a backup plan. I got up and started all up again. Continue to believe in yourself, prefect your craft, and there is no way you can lose."