Justin Hartley’s Daughter Is Doing This and He Wants to “Crawl in a Hole and Die”

This Is Us Star is having trouble coming to terms with his teen's dating life

By Vannessa Jackson Sep 25, 2019 4:35 PMTags
Justin Hartley, Isabella Hartley Matt Baron/Shutterstock

Concerned papa alert! 

This Is Us star Justin Hartley stopped by The Tonight Show on Tuesday night to talk to Jimmy Fallon about the premiere of season four. Before getting to what the Pearson family has been up to, Justin shared a little about his own family. The actor is the proud father to 15-year-old daughter Isabella Hartley. Or as he explains it, "15 going on 50." The teenager is starting to date and Justin's starting to panic! 

After telling Jimmy that he's been unusually stressed about the situation, he explains exactly what he'd rather be doing. "She's dating a little bit and I just want to crawl into a hole and die," he jokes. "I know it's a natural thing, it's a healthy thing. She's wonderful, she's sweet, she's responsible, she's great, she's earned the trust, but I hate it." 

You can't blame the guy for being a little sad about this milestone, and he's got a sweet reason why. "I loved her first, man," he shares with the host. 

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Jimmy pressed him further by asking if there is one guy that he's met that might be good enough for his daughter. His response? "No," the actor joked. But fear not, because he does have an idea of what kind of guy who would be good enough for his daughter—himself. "I've yet to meet me. When I meet me, that's the guy!" 

Justin revealed that he's taken up basketball to help alleviate some of the stress he's been feeling. Unfortunately, he's already broken a finger, so it doesn't seem to be working very well. 

Pace yourself, Justin! There is a long road ahead and the world needs Kevin Pearson to stay in one piece!