Charlize Theron Gets Sweet Support From Oscar Isaac While Celebrating Her 2019 PCAs Nom: Watch!

By Kelsey Klemme Sep 24, 2019 9:17 PMTags
FEB. 18, 2024
Watch: Charlize Theron Is Proud of "Long Shot" PCAs Nom

Charlize Theron is all smiles over her E! People's Choice Awards nomination!

At the press junket for her upcoming film, The Addams Family, out Oct. 11, E! News asked how she felt about her film Long Shot getting a PCAs nomination for The Comedy Movie of 2019.

The star beamed and gushed that, "Seriously, making that film was one of my greatest experiences. I love every single human that was on that movie."

The movie stars Theron as Charlotte Field, a woman running for President who hires a journalist (played hilariously by Seth Rogen) to serve as her speech writer, even though he is a total mess.

"I'm so proud of the film that we made, and for anybody who didn't see it, you missed out! 'Cause it's really good. It's really good," she continued. One person who didn't miss the film? Theron's Addams Family co-star, Oscar Isaac, who chimed in that he saw the film twice.

Seth Rogen Takes His "Shot" Working With Charlize Theron

"And I didn't force him," Theron joked.

"Nope. On my own volition. Kind of, my wife made me," Isaac joked back. Charlize cracked up and exclaimed, "I love your wife!"

Theron winning the award isn't a Long Shot...after all, it's all up to the fans! You can vote for the comedy by heading to the official PCAs site or taking to Twitter to cast your ballot.

Be sure to tune into the live show on Nov. 10 to see who walks home with a trophy.

You can also see the full interview about with Theron and Isaac about The Addams Family, which hits theaters on October 11, by tuning into E! News at 7 p.m.