If there is one thing we know when we tune into The View, it's that we're likely to see a whole lot of drama!

The infamous show, which is up for The Daytime Talk Show of 2019 at the E! People's Choice Awards, is known for its hosts tackling everything from pop culture to politics without holding back. Those five very different personalities—currently being Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Meghan McCain, Abby Huntsman and Sunny Hostin—include a mix of conservative, liberal, progressive and traditional viewpoints, so it's no surprise they frequently clash.

Add in the rotating cast of guest hosts and things just get crazier! That is why we are rounding up our favorite moments that went down this past year on the show as a refresher ahead of your PCAs vote.

No matter which host you agree with the most on the various topics, there is no doubt things are always interesting when the women disagree or come together around a hot button issue.

Watch the clips below and then be sure to head to the PCAs voting site, or take to Twitter, to sound off if you want to see the ladies of the round table win.

Be sure to tune into the live award show on Nov. 10 to see who takes home the trophy.

Topic: Julian Assange

When Pamela Anderson came onto the show in September, she was asked about her relationship with Julian Assange and things got heated when McCain called Assange a cyberterrorist.

Behar later joined in later with criticism of the whistleblower as well, with all of the hosts saying to some degree they found his actions dangerous, and Anderson continuing to defend his actions. The segment ended with the hosts throwing to a new segment but it was clear McCain was still riled up by the interaction.

Topic: Celebrity Nudes

The hosts disagreed on whether or not celebrities should take nude photos after Bella Thorne released her own nudes that a hacker had threatened to publish.

Goldberg argued that no one, especially celebrities, can expect privacy anymore with other hosts arguing that the blame doesn't belong on the women but on the hackers. Goldberg's comments also caused a stir online, with some people feeling like the host's comments were victim-blaming.

Topic: Omar Ilhan

In a conversation with congressman Dan Crenshaw, the hosts argued with the guest over the backlash to Omar Ilhan's 9/11 comments compared to the reaction the congressman had to comments made by other political figures, like George Bush and Donald Trump.

Behar and Crenshaw butted heads while McCain defended the guest, proving that as we head into the 2020 elections, The View is sure to continue to touch on hot button opinions.

Topic: Constance Wu

The hosts responded back in May to Constance Wu's upset tweets that Fresh Off the Boat was renewed and prevented her from working on a project she was excited for.

While some of the hosts said they understood where Wu was coming from, Behar and Goldberg both seemed to agree that she needed to have that outburst in private. It was all the more interesting to see the conversation as they had the actress on their show as a guest earlier the previous year.