Dark Day for Madonna's Ray of Light Foundation

Singer's charity, formed back in 1998, is deemed "delinquent" by state of California

By Gina Serpe Apr 03, 2009 5:55 PMTags
MadonnaAP Photo/Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi

It's just not shaping up to be Madonna's day.

In the wake of a judge's assurances that her heart—if not her residency—was in the right place in a rejected bid to adopt a second Malawi child comes word that the Queen of Pop's Ray of Light Foundation has been deemed "delinquent" by the state of California.

The foundation, created in 1998, had a pristine record for more than a decade before being cited by the attorney general's office. According to state records obtained by FoxNews.com, the foundation's license was renewed last year and is scheduled to expire on May 14.

Tax forms the foundation most recently filed with the IRS—which grabbed headlines last year for its curious omission of selected donor charities—have been removed from GuideStar, the publicly accessed website that includes all registered foundations.

The 990 forms first came to light late last year and contained several embarrassing revelations, including that Madonna's foundation sent a whopping zero dollars to her Raising Malawi charity and donated no funds whatsoever to any charities working with or in the impoverished nation.

Madonna did, however, according to the papers, hand over $2.6 million and change to the Kabbalah Centre of Los Angeles and another $4,000 or so to the Kabbalah-founded Spirituality for Kids, a sum that was widely reported to represent royalties promised to the organization from her best-selling kids' books.