Everything You Didn't See on TV at the 2019 Emmys

E! News is bringing you all of the behind-the-scenes scoop at Sunday's award show

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The 2019 Emmys have finally arrived, and E! News is bringing you all of the behind-the-scenes scoop from the ceremony!

Tonight, actors from around the world have gathered at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles for the annual award show. The ceremony honors the artists for their dedicated work on TV over the last year. Among the talented nominees this year include Christina ApplegateNatasha LyonnePhoebe Waller-Bridge, Catherine O'HaraRachel Brosnahan and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who are all up for the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series award. Bill HaderAnthony AndersonTed DansonDon CheadleEugene Levy and Michael Douglas are all nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.

On the drama side, Emilia ClarkeRobin WrightViola DavisSandra OhJodie ComerLaura Linney and Mandy Moore all received Outstanding Lead Actress nods. As did Bob OdenkirkKit HaringtonJason BatemanBilly PorterSterling K. Brown and Milo Ventimiglia for Outstanding Lead Actor.

Zendaya, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert, as well as Game of Thrones cast members, will also take the stage at the ceremony to present awards.

2019 Emmys: Red Carpet Couples

So, what did you miss on TV? Let's see!

Taraji P. Henson clutching a glass of champagne waiting for the elevator in the Ritz telling her security guard that she needs her flip flops for later. She just walked through the lobby of the Ritz in her pink furry slip on with a guy holding the train of her gown.

Bethenny Frankel is standing by the entrance of the line inside the venue and looks like she is waiting for someone. She is texting on her phone.

Leslie Bibb and Sam Rockwell walked into venue holding hands.

Farrah Abraham was holding the train of her gown as a security guard escorted her through the crowd to enter the theater.

Adam Devine walking through the event with longtime love Chloe Bridges.

John Oliver posing for pics with fans on his way into theater.

James Van Der Beek is stuck in a traffic jam but stops to take pics with fans.

Halsey, who is performing during the ceremony, walked back to VIP and four people are holding her dress!

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Taraji just ran back holding a portable fan.

Ava DuVernay is rushed through the lobby with a guy holding the train of her gown up as she rushes into the theater. She is linked arms with a security guard and says "Hi" to fans as she walks through.

Niecy Nash is walking through VIP barefoot.

Gwendoline Christie in the theater in an aisle runs into a friend and says, "Hi Darling! I haven't seen you since we sat next to each other at dinner!" Kisses his cheek and walks away with a girlfriend.

Amy Adams walking in with two girlfriends.

John Bradley, Liam Cunningham, Iain Glen and Isaac Hempstead Wright are by their seats all standing in a circle talking to each other and flipping through their programs.

Nathalie Emmanuel is sitting right behind them talking to a girlfriend in her seat laughing. Isaac just sat down next to Conleth Hill.

Sophie Turner is here talking to Emilia Clarke in the very front row Sophie is showing Emilia her gorgeous hair and Emilia looks wide-eyed at it. They pose for a few photos together and are very happy to see each other.

Sophie ran into Kit Harington and she gave him multiple big hugs. Sophie is sitting front and center next to a female in a blue dress.

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Jimmy Kimmel and wife Molly walking together and meet up with John Oliver to say hello. They walked into VIP together.

Samantha Bee just got approached by a fan in VIP and she's shaking her hand. They are chatting now.

Peter Dinklage also sitting up front by Sophie Turner.

James Corden and wife Julia are rushing down the stairs together.

Jon Hamm fixes his suit as he makes his entrance into the theater solo, he's pushing through the crowd trying to find his seat. He's looking around.

Joey King is with her sister and new boyfriend Steven Piet. He's helping her down the stairs.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk holding hands down the stairs.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus taking her seat but gives Kristen Bell a kiss on cheek first.

Marisa Tomei and Taraji are shouting, lovingly, at each other as Marisa squeezes by to take her seat.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and wife Sascha are rushing to their seats.

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Taraji and the game of thrones cast are cracking up. Taraji got out of her chair to laugh with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor are together, walking through together to find their seats.

Catherine O'Hara talking to Eugene Levy right now in the front row and Dan Levy.

Game of Thrones reunion! Gwendoline Christie and Lena Headey just hugged each other. They are now talking to Terrence Howard and saying hello.

Gwendoline talking to Sophie and hugs her Sophie puts her hands on Kit's shoulders as they walk out the side of VIP.

Everybody just cheers for Phoebe Waller-Bridge when she walked back into the theater with her Emmy.

Zendaya is escorted out the VIP area.

Julia Garner and Sterling K. Brown are hugging and she introduced him to her boyfriend.

Jane Lynch greets Eugene and Dan Levy and hugs them both excitedly.

Gwyneth and Brad causing a total traffic jam in the aisle. They hug Jane Lynch. Jane squeezed in and manages to giving them both a hug.

Billy Porter is sitting cleaning his sunglasses.

Christopher Polk/Variety/Shutterstock

Christina Applegate gave Julia Louis Dreyfus a huge hug. Christina is hugging Catherine O'Hara who's sitting down in front row and they look sad talking about her losing.

Billy Porter blew kisses to James Corden and then hugged him.

Sterling K. Brown and Kerry Washington taking photos together and Sandra Oh is cheering them on from her seat in front row.

Everyone is standing cheering for the Game of Thrones cast. Standing ovation! Gwendoline and Emilia got extra cheers from audience when they were speaking.

Somebody compliments Kathryn Newton on her gown in the bathroom as she walks out and she politely says thank you and smiles.

Taraji is kneeling down to Niecy Nash in her seat chatting with her.

Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor are sitting and chatting with fans in front of them.

Carice van Houten, Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner all ran into Naomi Watts as they walked out of VIP and Naomi walked in, which is fun because Naomi is in the GOT spin off.  They all hugged Naomi on their way out. Security is now rushing Sophie, Masie and Carice back to their seats.

Sophie is talking with a girl in front row, they look like good friends. Sophie kept saying, "I'm so thirsty, I'm so thirsty."

Zendaya exiting the VIP area and runs into Eugene Levy who said something to make her laugh. Now she is posing with a fan.

Emilia Clarke is with a security guard as she rests her feet at the top of the steps and waits to go downstairs. She's looking though her clutch right now and grabbed her phone and is now texting someone. Emilia is just standing there twirling her hair.

Phoebe Waller walks out of VIP and poses for a pic with fans who congratulate her.

Huge audience reaction for Jharrel Jerome's win. Many people jumping and screaming for him.

Gwyneth took a piece of her jewelry off and gave it to Brad to hold.

Emilia Clarke sees Phoebe Waller and yells "Pheebs!" And gives her a hug. Now Phoebe walked into theater linked arms with Sandra Oh.

Kit was standing up by his seat when Emilia walked back over.

Billy Porter just ran down the aisle and said, "There you are!!" And hugged Ben Stiller.

Everybody is cheering and clapping for Jharrel Jerome. Niecy Nash just rushes out of her chair to hug him with Ava DuVernay. When They See Us cast all hugging taking pics and crying.

Fred Armisen following as Amy Poehler walks out toward VIP and Natasha Lyonne a few min after them. Amy Poehler is putting on her lip liner.

Busy Philipps and Michelle Williams are laughing and chatting.

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Busy was crying during Michelle's speech. Sophie Turner stood for her.

Sandra Oh and Sterling K, Brown are talking about some category being a blood bath.

James Corden with Alfie Allen passed by Kit who is walking out.

Mandy's husband is eating cookies and has a whole bag.

Natasha Lyonne and Clea DuVall walk back to their seats together and Natasha says "oh s--t Billy Porter from pose!" And then Billy passes by Dan Levy and says they'll catch up at the after party.

Leslie Bibb and Kerry Washington are smiling and chatting together. Sam Rockwell just joined and said "oh s--t."

Busy is on her way out holding Michelle's clutch and texting on her cell phone. She told a friend "that was really great!" About Michelle's speech.

Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers laughing together.

Kristen Bell holding her clutch and a bottle of water and walking out of theater right behind Rachel Brosnahan who is holding hands with her husband.

Phil McCarten/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

Padma Lakshmi and John Oliver hug. She congratulated him on his win. Mahershala Ali also hugged John Oliver.

Emilia Clarke was talking to Kit and knelt down by his seat.

Several people are swarming Phoebe Waller and she says she's flattered.

Sterling K. Brown got up and took a photo of Kerry Washington and her husband Nnamdi Asomugha and said "I love it! I love it! I love it!"

Leslie Bibb and Sam are in the aisle waiting for Lily Singh and her date to walk into the aisle.

Jeff Bezos and his son are stuck on the side of the theater and they were trying to find their seat. They just found it but everybody in their aisle stood up to let them through as the winner of this award is currently speaking.

Gwyneth and Brad are talking to people in the aisle up front right now.

Sandra Oh and Sterling are laughing together standing front row.

Leslie Bibb and Sam ran over to Phoebe and excited said hi.

A production guy stepped on Marisa Tomei's gown for a full 30 seconds before he realized it and Kerry Washington saw the whole fiasco and laughed.

Rachel Bronsohan and beau are eating snacks and chatting with Alex Borstein and Seth MacFarlane joins them.

Michael Douglas and Seth Meyers are chatting while standing together.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Gwyneth walks out holding her cell phone.

Lindsay Shookus just walked out holding her Emmy. Says she's looking for Kate McKinnon. Lindsay and her SNL writers are all standing together holding their Emmys together and putting them in the air while smiling. Bill Hader and Lindsay just hugged while both holding their Emmys

Julia Garner is truly shocked after her win. She's walking off stage with Kristen Bell with her hand to her head like oh my god and Kristen put her arm around Julia it was cute Julia was really nervous.

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas are walking out holding hands.

Everybody is clapping for Peter Dinklage as he sits back down seat after his win. Emilia and Lena were chatting then laughing and clapping together for peter once he came back to his seat. Kit is leaning over talking to him.

Julia Garner is walking back to her seat with her Emmy and Laura Linney jumps up to congratulate her and they're hugging now Laura has a huge smile on her face.

Maisie Williams stopped Sandra Oh to say hi real quick Sandra was walking out with Toni Collette.

Natasha Lyonne and Fred Arminsen sitting together. She is texting on her phone

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Julia Garner and Sterling K. Brown just hugged and he said congrats.

Kit stood up and waved to the Game of Thrones cast sitting behind him over on the side. Kit was waving to Isaac and John Bradley.

Amy Adams and beau Darren are rushing back to their seat as John Oliver holds his two Emmys and walks in right behind them.

Amy Adams and Patricia Clarkson just whispered hi and smiled.

Billy Porter walking back after his win and people are cheering for him. Ryan Murphy walks over to congratulate him and he jumps up and they embrace with a big hug. Viola Davis is right behind them and she's blowing kisses at Billy.

Bill Hader also just walked over to hug Billy.

Kit and Sterling just hugged. And now Brad Falchuk is hugging him.

Brad and Sterling hugged then Sterling hugged Ryan Murphy and they are all in a circle talking.

Sterling giving Billy a very long hug.

Brittany Snow with her her fiancé talking to a friend.

Julia Garner and boyfriend walking together and holding her train towards VIP winners circle.

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