Ben Stiller, Bob Newhart, 2019 Emmy Awards

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Please welcome your Emmy host...Homer Simpson?

Fox took full advantage of its hostlessness at the 2019 Emmys, handing over the job to the patriarch of The Simpsons, who was then promptly crushed into the floor by a falling piano. 

That sent Anthony Anderson into a panic, and he jumped into action to "save" the Emmys. 

"Taraji, we will not let this Empire fall!" he yelled as he ran backstage, demanding a coffee, which he rejected because "This is not Game of Thrones!" 

He then recruited his mother to help him steal a few award statues, and eventually Bryan Cranston was pushed on stage to deliver a serious speech about how television has never been quite as good as it is now, leading in to the presenter of the first award: Ben Stiller, and what he apparently believes to be a statue of Bob Newhart

Stiller's spiel is all about invoking the legends of comedy who defined the medium, like George Burns, Lucille Ball, and Bob Newhart. What would they think of Fleabag, he wonders. Fortunately, 90 year-old Bob Newhart is still here to tell him. 

"Ben, I'm still alive," he deadpanned. "You've put me with George and Lucy in this weird wax museum of comedy." 

"No, it's more like legends, like legends of comedy, alive, dead, all different kinds of legends," Stiller explains.

"This legend is going to kick your ass," Newhart says. "That way you'll know I'm alive." 

Newhart then allowed Stiller to present the award for supporting actor in a comedy to Tony Shalhoub. 

Long live Bob Newhart, a legend of comedy. 


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