Lucy Boynton Is Not Cool With Boyfriend Rami Malek's Grabby Fans

The two confirmed their relationship in January and have since been spotted out together several times.

By Corinne Heller Sep 20, 2019 4:28 PMTags
Lucy Boynton, PorterNicolas Kantor / Porter

Lucy Boynton is not a fan of some of her beau Rami Malek's more...fanatic fans.

The Bohemian Rhapsody co-stars confirmed their romance in January and have since been spotted out together several times. As the star of the hit series Mr. Robot, Malek, 38, has long commanded a large fan base and some of its members tend to get a little grabby, even in front of his girlfriend.

"It's lovely to see people who are excited about his work—if they've seen Mr. Robot or Freddie—but it's just that thing of people grabbing him." Boynton, 25, told Net-A-Porter's online outlet Porter in an interview released on Friday. "I mean, you'd never grab a complete stranger in the street. And I think there's a sense of ownership. It's OK to just come up to someone, with your camera already out, and disregard whoever they're with. It happened when we were with my mother, and we were just shoved out of the way. It's quite shocking."

In her interview, Boynton, who stars in Netflix's The Politician, also praised her boyfriend's approach to acting.

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"I'd never really seen that in a lead actor before, being involved in every corner," she said, "I've tried to do that, being more aware. I think I've become more opinionated and I've got a better vocabulary, in terms of understanding a project, and my own tastes."

Nicolas Kantor / Porter

"I want to be involved in the evolution of a script coming together, the creative forces," she added.


Nicolas Kantor / Porter

She also said, "[He's] been doing it longer. And I think the main thing is to take your time. I want to do this for the rest of my life, and it's easy to think that you have to keep the momentum going, a phrase you hear a lot. It's tempting once you've done one thing to quickly sign on to something else, so you have something to talk about. I've learnt that's not the case, and that you can take your time to do really good-quality pieces rather than just doing everything."