Nailed It!'s Nicole Byer Reveals Her Little-Known Passion for Pole Dancing

''I want someone to see me on a pole and be like, 'She could swing into my house and steal things,''' she shares

By Alyssa Morin Sep 19, 2019 12:00 PMTags

Nicole Byer is trying to nail... pole dancing.

When she's not hosting the Emmy-nominated Netflix show Nailed It!, the 33-year-old star is learning new tricks on her pole. Sitting down and chatting with E! News, the host didn't hold back about her hobby. "I love a nap, I like shopping, I started pole dancing recently," she began. "I love pole dancing. I have a pole at my house and I'm always swinging on it."

She continued, "It is the hardest thing I've ever attempted to do. People pole dance to be sexy, that's not my goal. I want to aggressively pole dance."

For the Nailed It! host, she said she wants to be so good that it frightens people. "I want someone to see me on a pole and be like, 'She could swing into my house and steal things.' That's what I want," she quipped. "I want to scare people."

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However, when Nicole isn't working on her, um, craft, she's giving fans of the Netflix reality competition show a good laugh. 

"I'm awful, I'm filthy on set," the 33-year-old host said with a laugh. "It's gotten to the point where I have to tell contestants, 'Oh, I'm a very dirty comic. If it bothers you, please let me know.' Because it's, like, fully a family show and they're like, 'What?'"


For the comedian, she knows that if she were to actually compete, she'd go home a winner.

"I could probably do better than they did, because no one follows directions. I'm pretty good at problem-solving," she shared. "What I'm saying is I would definitely win if I was competing, but I would never compete because I get paid more to host."

But all jokes aside, Byer is glad that Nailed It! is loved by so many, especially since it's such a lighthearted show. "It really is a really fun show that children, teenagers and adults all watch, so it kind of bridges that gap between generations," she said. "Also, I think it's got a really nice, positive message that you don't have to succeed at everything you try, and it's okay if you don't succeed."

This year, the Netflix series is nominated for a 2019 Emmy for Outstanding Competition Program. On Sunday night, we'll find out who is going home with that coveted gold statue.

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