Here's Why Tamar Braxton and The Real Ladies Are Still Feuding

Daytime TV stars address the drama surrounding one co-hosts departure

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UPDATE: Tamar Braxton is addressing the ladies of The Real once again.

In a series of tweets Thursday morning, the singer and actress addressed the headlines made from yesterday's talk shows.

"I'm feeling defeated. All my hard work & from one question, went down the drain. I'm just tired of it. I have so many positive amazing television shows coming and music and this is always the focus. I honestly don't want to discuss them nor talk to or about them," she wrote on Twitter. "Wendy cleared the air in PRIVATE then came on her show & it was positive! They don't want that. They want MORE drama and here I am today mad and depressed because I allowed myself to engage with them on negativity when all I've been wrkn so hrs on positivity and love."

Tamar added, "[Loni] has done a lot and I've been silent. I don't know what the constant attack is on me. I don't know."


The ladies in daytime are keeping it real!

It's been more than three years since news broke that Tamar Braxton would not be reprising her role as a co-host on The Real.

In the months that followed, reports surfaced claiming her sudden departure may have been caused by conflict with her fellow co-hosts at the time. But over the summer, things appeared to be healed when Tamar issued a public apology on social media.

"When all u know and felt is hurt. You hurt. Self-inflicted and to others are included. From my sisters, the ladies of The Real, Iyanla Vanzant, old and new friends and whomever else I've EVER hurt, from being hurt. Please forgive me," she shared in a now-deleted Instagram. "I don't know love to show you love. Now I do thanks to my @David.Adefeo."

Sounds nice, right? Ultimately, things took a turn today when Tamar appeared on The Wendy Williams Show.

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"Would you ever go back to The Real?" Wendy Williams asked her guest and close friend. "I always ask you this. Cute show, but they need you. You were done dirty."

"I do not want to be anybody's marketing tool this season, no shade. I just wish everybody well and I just feel like sometimes God has to move you out of situations before you become more toxic to yourself. What if I was in a situation where I'm doing the Braxton's and its very stressful and then I'm doing this other show where people are being catty behind my back?" Tamar replied. "What kind of person would I be right now sitting on this couch? I wouldn't be focused, I wouldn't be ready for my transformation, I wouldn't be ready for my elevation and that's where I've got to go. I've got to go up and up and up."

As it turns out, the ladies of The Real were watching today's show and couldn't help but respond on their own live show.

"We were just watching Wendy live. First of all, thank you for calling us a cute show. We are also an Emmy-winning show, don't forget that. Tamar Braxton was your guest. We appreciate the fact that you brought us up. Full disclosure, it's been three years. I don't know why you guys keep talking about this whole situation," Loni Love shared. "[I] invited her to come on the show for season six. It was a simple, public ask. I did try to call her privately. I've been texting her. I get no response. So I just put it out there. The show has reached out to her. Tamar, nobody is trying to use you as a marketing tool, sweetie."

Instead, Loni simply argued that since Tamar apologized publicly, perhaps they could "close this loop" for good with a return to the show.

"You are still welcome right here too at any time. It is not a big deal. Seriously, we as black women have to stick together. We as women have to stick together. It's no pettiness. We need to have you come here so we can close the circle," Loni explained. "You apologize, we opened it up to you and it is still there and it will always be there. We love you, Tamar. You are a powerhouse. You know us so that's it."

Other co-hosts also took the live show to express their feelings regarding the whole situation.  

"When you apologized, obviously I didn't know that it was taken down, we were like man, that's all I ever wanted was an apology," Adrienne Bailon shared. "That made us think you extended an olive branch."

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And regards to the reports that Tamar was pushed out of the show because of her co-hosts, Tamera Mowry-Housley made it clear that it's just not the case.

"The fact is we had no idea. There was no ill intention. There was no meeting. There was none of that. And I can say that to that one up there," she shared while pointing up to the sky. "So if anybody else believes anything else, that's on you. And I'm sorry, you know."

Lo and behold, Tamar heard her former co-hosts' comments loud and clear. On Wednesday afternoon, the Braxton Family Values star took to Instagram where she accused Loni of writing letters to get Tamar off the show.

"When the guilt settles.... Lonnie cut the BS!!! Thanks @Wendy my sister, for having me!!!" she wrote on social media before deleting. "U may not have an Emmy YET, but the girls are SURELY watching... anyway, back to my transformation!!" Safe to say this story is to be continued.

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