John Oliver's Best Deep Dives on the PCAs-Nominated Last Week Tonight

By Kelsey Klemme Sep 20, 2019 1:00 PMTags
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If there is one person we wish we had back when we were in our high school civics class, it's John Oliver.

After all, the hilarious comedian has a knack for taking dense political subjects and breaking them down to an understandable level, with some pop culture references included.

His ability to make hard news interesting is why he has so many fans, and why he's nominated for an E! People's Choice Awards in the Nighttime Talk Show of 2019 category.

From tackling subjects that range from net neutrality to the Miss America pageant, the show has discussed dozens of topics since its premiere in 2014. This year, the show has focused more on issues surrounding technology and the Trump administration, condensing months of information into 20-minute videos that help people keep up with a constant news cycle.

Now, fans can thank Oliver for his funny one-liners and monologues by voting for the comedian in the PCAs. It's as easy as heading to the official voting site or taking to Twitter to cast your ballot.

As a refesher on the show this year, we've rounded up the best deep dives the show has tackled in 2019 to date.

Be sure to tune into the People's Choice Awards on Nov. 10 to see if Oliver takes home the prize. With 43 categories across movies, TV, music and more, there is no doubt that one of your favorite celebs will be crowned a victor!

Legal Immigration

This episode from September tackles the process of legal immigration, a topic near and dear to Oliver's heart as an immigrant himself.

Obviously, the topic of immigration is a huge point of conversation among both Trump and the 2020 Democratic nominees, so learning the different ways in which people seek citizenship and complications of each is key to the conversation.

Bias in Medicine

Ok, if you are a hypochondriac, maybe keep scrolling on this topic!

Oliver broke down the scary biases that doctors subconsciously hold when treating women and patients of color, such as how women are seven times more likely to misdiagnosed as not having a heart attack when they are having one compared to men.

Yikes! While this episode raised our blood pressure, Wanda Sykes joining later in the episode as a guest host and seeing a quick cameo of Larry David made us laugh enough to calm us back down.

Public Shaming

Anyone with a Twitter account has witnessed someone come under public scrutiny. Just last week, we witnessed the rise and then fall of Shane Gillis, who was ousted from his SNL gig after racist comments from his podcast emerged.

In this episode, Oliver detangles when he believes public shaming is warranted to change behavior versus when piling on unfairly can have long-term consequences to a person's life. Joined by Monica Lewinsky, who famously was the subject of a media frenzy decades ago, Oliver talks out how subject's of public shaming can be plagued for years by losing out on job opportunities and struggling with their own self-confidence.


Is there anything more annoying than getting a call that YOU have won a free cruise...when it's clear that it's just another robocall? Oliver spends this segment exploring the increase of robocalls Americans are experiencing and how scammers are now able to "spoof" calls that look like they are coming from someone you know, creating security issues.

This episode brings some laughs by ending with Oliver setting up his own robocalls to contact the members of the FCC—who he points out in the segment could reduce robocalls through various policies—every ninety minutes with a message that includes bagpipe music.