Jimmy Kimmel


There's a new way to roast. 

On the heels of Comedy Central's roast of Alec Baldwin over the weekend, Jimmy Kimmel announced a new project down the pipeline for the channel. 

"These roasts are typically very funny and very brutal, too, and that's hard to get away with in the year 2019. But, Comedy Central came up—I have to give them the credit—they came up with a great idea to balance things out," the late-night host explained on Monday's episode. "Next Sunday night, they're airing a roast that appeals to those who aren't comfortable with the traditional roasty humor."

Drum roll, please: The Comedy Central New Era of Positivity Roast. 

Ok, sure, it's not actually real, but what a show it would be if it was. Kimmel even unveiled a joke teaser for it with nice punchlines aimed at stars like Jonah Hill and Kevin Hart

 "Jonah Hill is here tonight—Jonah you're like a jelly fish. You're just gentle and easygoing and super fun to watch," Whitney Cummings quipped. 

For Hart, Kimmel did the honors. 'Kevin, listen. I don't want to say Kevin is short because I believe that God made us all the perfect size. Everyone is equal."

With Henry Winkler on hosting duties and guests including Oprah Winfrey and Pope Francis, they can assure "no one will be triggered."

As the tag line put it, "We only roast the ones we love."

It's something you definitely have to see for yourself in the clip above!

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