90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days and the Breakup Everyone Saw Coming

Plus, Rebecca made a surprising revelation to Zied, but not the one she was dreading revealing

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After so five years and more than $40,000, Caesar was thisclose to meeting his beloved Maria on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. Except she didn't get on the plane to Mexico. There was no ticket, but not because of her. He didn't have enough money in his account and the airline canceled the reservation. And then Maria canceled their relationship.

For days, Caesar prepared to meet Maria. But once he got to Mexico—their designated meeting place—he never heard from his Ukrainian online girlfriend. But he still hoped she would be there. He had the whole proposal planned out. It was going to be great. But when he learned the airline canceled the flight because of funds, he vowed to make it right. Maria finally answered his calls and declared it was over.

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"You live your life and I will live mine," she told him. "It's over."

A heartbroken Caesar was now alone in Mexico with an engagement ring, champagne and a lot of edible underwear.

"It was all a game," he said.


Rebecca and Zied
Rebecca's meet and greets with Zied's family continued—and continued to go poorly. Zied's sister wasn't too keen on Rebecca's plans to marry Zied and bring him to America. And Rebecca was still grappling with the fact that she hasn't told Zied that she's still technically married to her ex-husband. So, instead of coming clean, she came clean about something else: She was once in a relationship with a woman. Zied said he was angry about the news, but it was before him, so…

Angela and Michael
In Nigeria for just two days and these two are already fighting. Angela left Michael at the dock because he said he hadn't been on a boat recently, despite the fact that she saw him on a boat with other women. Angela said she was tired of the lies and kicked him out of her hotel room. He slept in his car. She still refused to see him while she went to get her hair braided, despite the fact that he brought her a cake. You see, last time they got in a big fight, he smoothed it over with a cake, but this time she wasn't having it and she shoved it in his face.

Benjamin and Akinyi
Benjamin's meeting with Akiyni's family didn't really go well…because it didn't fully happen. Akinyi's father never showed up, so her brother, Fidel, told her that she brought great shame to the family by bringing Benjamin to meet everyone and their father didn't bother showing up.

Darcey and Tom
After finally doing the deed, Darcey felt like her relationship with Tom was back on track to marriage. And kept mentioning it. The two changed their trip so they could go to Albania to meet Darcey's twin sister and her fiancé. After unpacking her suitcase in the middle of the street to make sure she had heels on—she had to match her twin in height—Darcey and Tom made their way to the designated restaurant where they waited for Stacey and her man for close to an hour. They finally arrived and things were…tense. The tension continued while out and about the next day. Do the sisters want each other to be happy?

Tim and Jeniffer
After revealing his past relationships and visits to Colombia with an ex, Tim attempted to get things back on track with Jeniffer. They sort of are?

Avery and Omar
It's the night before their wedding and Avery's mom, who already discussed dowry with Omar, is telling her daughter some hard truths. Has Avery fully thought this through? Is she being manipulated? Does Omar just want a visa? This, obviously, set Avery off and she vowed they'd live elsewhere if Omar doesn't get his visa…which has been her plan all along.

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