Bluff City Law Introduces TV's New Dynamic Father-Daughter Duo

Exclusive: Get a first look at the NBC drama, premiering September 23

By Lauren Piester Sep 16, 2019 4:00 PMTags

Parenting isn't always easy, especially when both you and your kid are lawyers. 

NBC's new drama Bluff City Law follows father/daughter duo Elijah (Jimmy Smits) and Sydney Strait (Caitlin McGee), who come to work together after Sydney's mother dies, but they don't exactly have the best relationship...especially when Sydney finds out her dad has been keeping secrets. 

In the sneak peek above, Della (Jayne Atkinson) gives Elijah some much-needed advice on breaking down the walls between him and his daughter, giving a little insight into what Sydney might be thinking. 

"That girl grew up with a hero for a father, a hero she found out was all too human," Della says. "Every time somebody told her how lucky she was, think how that pulled her apart to keep your secrets behind that beautiful smile!" 

"Bluff City Law" Pilot Is Ripped From the Headlines

You'll have to watch the pilot to find out what kind of secrets Elijah has been keeping exactly, but you can imagine how tricky it must be to work with the father who let you down. 


Watch: "Bluff City Law" Pilot Is Ripped From the Headlines

Elijah and Sydney still manage to make it work at work, and Caitlin McGee told us that they even got advice from a real-life father/daughter lawyer duo. She and Jimmy Smits also can't stop gushing about each other. 

"It was so much fun coming into this and having a, you know, TV veteran as my dad," she told us. 

"I just feel like on a daily basis I'm blessed in so many ways," Smits said. "I have a wonderful scene partner. I look in her eyes, or I'll grab her hand...it kind of levels you out." 

Sydney and Elijah aren't the first complicated but loving father/daughter duo to hit our TV screens, of course. See below for some of TV's best! 

Black Lightning

How can you possibly beat the superhero team-up of a caring, caring dad and his two badass daughters? Black Lightning, Thunder, and Lightning are one hell of a family. 

Veronica Mars

Who wouldn't hire Keith and Veronica Mars to solve their case? They love to poke a little fun at one another but there's no father/daughter duo more reliable. 

This Is Us

There is no relationship on This Is Us that makes us sob like the one between Jack and Katie Girl. He was always her biggest cheerleader, no matter what. 

This Is Us

Randall may not always get it right the first time, but he tries until he does and he's always got a smile on his face, both with his biological daughters Tess and Annie and his adopted daughter, Deja. 

Modern Family

Phil Dunphy may be a goof, but he's a goof who loves daughters Hayley and Alex deeply, even when he doesn't understand them (and when they don't understand him). 


Dre may get a little carried away sometimes but it's always out of love, and it has been a delight to watch both him and Zoey grow together. 

Friday Night Lights

To most he's Coach Taylor, but to Julie he's dad. Both can be a little stubborn at times but the love and the wise words are always there. 

Full House

Danny Tanner is a true dork of a dad, but he always did his best under tragic circumstances and kept the cleanest house in all of San Francisco. DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle would have been pretty lucky even without the two bonus dads/uncles. 

Bluff City Law premieres September 23 on NBC. 

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