Kim Kardashian Says She'd Do a Simple Life Style Show With Khloe in Wyoming

The reality star teases all that and more in new interview with Jonathan Cheban on his podcast Foodgod: OMFG

By Cydney Contreras Sep 12, 2019 10:27 PMTags

Could Khloe Kardashian be joining Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in the great state of Wyoming?

Well, if Kim had her way—and the room in her schedule—she would bring her sis Khloe with her so that they could make a new Kards spin-off. "I would do like a Kim & Khloe Take Wyoming," the mother-of-four shares with Jonathan Cheban on the Foodgod: OMFG podcast. "We went to the cutest bar and I was like, 'Khloe and I should take a job in Wyoming.'"

However, a Kards spin-off doesn't appear to be in the cards. After all, she and Khloe have their kiddos and thriving businesses to tend to. But Kim adds, "I have to say, I could move there... Wyoming is one of my favorite places."

Any plans to move there are definitely on-hold though. The Skims designer said on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon that Kanye's "dream" is to move to the great frontier, but right now they only see themselves doing summers and weekends there. That is, when they can escape their work. 

At the moment, Kim has her hands full with studying for the bar exam, running her businesses and raising four kids, while Kanye is creating a "musical ministry." On the podcast, Kim shares that Kanye's work has been "super healing for him."

"He just lives his life with Christ," she says. And those beliefs are making a "positive" impact on their large family of six. Every Sunday, the Kardashian clan, their friends and other celebs like Brad Pitt come together to sing and dance at the Sunday Service, which Kim says daughter North West "loves" to participate in.

Instagram / Kim Kardashian

However, there's one caveat when it comes to North lending her vocal talents: no kids choir. Kim shares, "There was a kids choir a few times and she said to me afterwards, 'Mommy, these songs are way too baby for me.'" 

So, Kim and Kanye allowed North to spread her wings and join the adult choir, even though North would scold Kim for bringing her water. "It's like an hour and a half like standing and being up there and at first I would try to sneak in the middle of the circle and give her a sip of water, " Kim explains. "But she would give me like, 'You're the most embarrassing stage mom. Get out of here. I'm a part of the choir. There is no one else bringing them drinks!'"

But who can blame North for wanting to sing with people the likes of Sia?

Kim says that the performer truly sings "from her heart and soul," a talent that makes her one of Kanye's "favorite voices." 

As great as Kim & Khloe Take Wyoming would be, it seems like Sunday Services are here to stay. 

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