Scott Disick Gives Penelope's Room a $20,000 Redesign: See the Adorable Before & After

By Alyssa Ray Sep 16, 2019 3:00 AMTags
Watch: Scott Disick Updates Penelope's Room: "Flip It Like Disick" Recap (S1, Ep6)

What Penelope Disick wants, Penelope Disick gets.

On Sunday's all-new Flip It Like Disick, Scott Disick enlisted the help of interior designer Willa Ford for a project for his daughter. According to the E! personality, his middle child with Kourtney Kardashian felt her room paled in comparison to older brother Mason Disick's bedroom.

Thus, Disick decided it was time to give the bedroom a much needed upgrade.

"Obviously, the most special girl in the world to me is my little daughter Penelope," the father of three explained in a confessional. "And because she goes back-and-forth to her mom Kourtney's house, because we co-parent, I want Penelope to be as comfortable at my house as she is at her mom's. And I want her room at her dad's to be perfect."

While Disick was eager to give his little girl whatever she desired, he felt conflicted over the seven-year-old's desire to have an all-pink bedroom.

Willa Ford Keeps $220K Secret From Scott Disick

"My house definitely has a certain vibe and that's not pink," Lord Disick added later on. "I just think, you know, gray is a little more timeless and she'll grow into it."

However, Penelope was not feeling her father's suggestion as she declared to Willa's team that she wanted "pink walls." This wasn't the only design proposal that North West's cousin made.

For starters, Penelope wanted a new chair, but not a bench as that would be "cheesy." The youngster also revealed she'd like a "rainbow" painting of herself and for her bed to be like a "slime pit."


"Oh, I love it. Do we want to keep this rug or do we want to add any other rugs?" Ford asked her young client.

"I want to put a white fluffy carpet," Disick's only daughter requested.

The only request Disick outright vetoed was when Penelope asked about a mirrored ceiling. "That's never gonna happen," the Keeping Up With the Kardashians veteran remarked.

During a follow-up meeting about the bedroom, Scott and Willa decided that they'd deck Penelope's space out with a new lamp, cool side tables, huge bedding, a fur throw, a big fur rug, a fun chair and rainbow tape lights.

Flip It Like Disick Renovations: Before & After Pics!

However, Scott was still wavering on whether to paint Penelope's room pink.

"And then, the question is: I am willing to give her the pink room that she wants?" Disick expressed. "It's, it's, it's bright."

"Just wait 'til you paint the whole room," Willa quipped in response.

Nonetheless, after a father-daughter outing to a ceramics studio, Disick learned just how much his daughter loves pink. Unsurprisingly, the 36-year-old dad caved and agreed to paint Penelope's walls her favorite color.

Clearly, Penelope loved the redesign of her room as she declared it was "awesome" on reveal day. It probably helped that Willa and her team had a "$15 to $20 thousand" dollar budget to give Penelope the room of her dreams.


"I am so glad that we went with pink walls," Ford stated to the Flip It Like Disick cameras.

"I agree. The look on P's face when she saw that all-pink room was, honestly, priceless," Disick reflected. "And, like those are the things that I really, really do enjoy in life now."

See everything that went down on this week's episode, including all the problems at the Jed Smith property, in the recap video above!

And for a closer look at Penelope's new room scroll through the photos below.

Pretty in Pink

Penelope wanted her room to be pink and cozy, and that's what she got! Willa Ford made sure to deck out Kourtney Kardashian's daughter's bed with pink, fluffy pillows and bedding.

Wall Art

There's no question whose room this is! For wall art, Scott had the Kaplan Twins create a rainbow portrait of Penelope.

Accent Chair

A new swivel chair provides fun for the Disick youngster and decor for the redesigned space.

Fluffy Rug

As for the rug? This white shag is made from the fur of Peruvian alpacas.

Chic Light Fixtures

The Flip It Like Disick team made sure to give Penelope a more modern light fixture.

Rainbow Ambience

For a finishing touch, Penelope's bed was programmed with tape lights, allowing the youngster to try out all sorts of colors in her room.

Check back next week for an update on Scott's other design endeavors!