Friends and the Magic September 22 TV Premiere Date

A surprising amount of iconic TV series all share the same premiere date across decades

By Caroline Kane Sep 21, 2019 1:00 PMTags
Friends CastWarner Bros.

If you haven't already heard, let us be the ones to tell you that Friends has been around for 25 years. That's right, September 22 marks 25 years since viewers were first introduced to the iconic television series.

To celebrate the 25 years of laughs and nostalgia, Warner Bros. has been pulling out all the stops, with pop-ups in New York and Los Angeles, and even getting the best episodes on the big-screen with "Friends 25th: The One With the Anniversary," a screening of 12 fan-favorite episodes over three nights.

And it turns out September 22 is quite the magic date when it comes to beloved shows first debuting on air.

"Friends" Star Maggie Wheeler aka Janice Can Still Do Iconic Laugh

Friends shares the same premiere date—different years—with a number of other renowned TV shows, from Veronica Mars to Full House. Even though the premiere years are different, all the shows below found various forms of success. Maybe it's that Virgo-season energy, but the September 22 shows all resonated with audiences, some even sparking spin-offs and revivals.

We're sure it's just a happy coincidence, but pay attention to shows that start on September 22 in the future. Scroll through the gallery below to see some of the other lucky September 22 shows!

Charlie's Angels

Premiere date: September 22, 1976

Angels Farrah Fawcett, Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith starred in this crime drama from 1976 to 1981, and sparked three feature films, the third of which premieres in the fall of 2019.

Full House

Premiere date: September 22, 1987

The classic American TV sitcom aired for eight seasons and 192 episodes. Netflix revived the show in 2016 with the spinoff Fuller House.

Family Matters

Premiere date: September 22, 1989

Fans were first introduced to Steve Urkel and the Winslow family on ABC in 1989. The show later moved to CBS in 1997.


Premiere date: September 22, 1989

The lifeguard drama starring Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff, this show was canceled on NBC after one season, but was later syndicated and became TV's most-watched show.

The West Wing

Premiere date: September 22, 1999

Aaron Sorkin's 1999 American drama series follows Martin Sheen as the president of the United States as he balances personal and political matters on a weekly basis.

Two and a Half Men

Piremiere date: September 22, 2003

Starring Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer, this sitcom aired on CBS for 12 years and generated MANY headlines. The show now airs in syndication on the Paramount Network.

Veronica Mars

Premiere date: September 22, 2004

Kristen Bell starred as the titular character for three seasons before cancellation. A movie followed in 2014 and Hulu has since revived the show again with season four premiering in 2019.


Premiere date: September 22, 2004

The critically-acclaimed show ran on ABC for six seasons and 121 episodes, and concluded with an extremely polarizing finale.

The Good Wife

Premiere date: September 22, 2009

This legal and political drama series starring Julianna Margulies, Josh Charles and Christine Baranski aired on CBS for seven years. It inspired the Baranski-fronted spinoff The Good Fight that premiered on CBS All Access in 2017.


Premiere date: September 22, 2009

LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell are front and center in this NCIS spinoff series that follows highly trained special agents in the City of Angels.