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Cardi B doesn't have any time for haters.

The rapper took to Instagram on Sunday to send a message to those "talking s--t" about people getting plastic surgery.

"Let me tell you somethin': I don't like talkin' s--t about [a] bitch's body because I remember the struggle, baby" she said in a video shared via the social network. "I remember when I had no motherf--kin' t-tties, and I remember when I had a fun-size ass. I only come at people about their body when they're talking s--t about me." 

She then said there are "a lot of natural bitches" who come after those who have "gotten their bodies done" and act two-faced on social media.

"Y'all going to be like ‘Oh, she think she all that because she got her body done.' But you aint going to talk about how you were saying under her comments, ‘Oh bitch, don't go to the ocean or you going to kill all the whales with your motherf—kin' plastic ass body bitch,'" she later added. "I bet you aint going to say that."

However, the "Please Me" star said people should be confident in themselves and not criticize other people's looks.

"My sister—she a natural. She got small t-tties. She got a little cute ass. She aint hating on the next bitch because she know if she want it, she could get," she continued. "So y'all talking s--t about these bitches' bodies because you want it, or what? ‘Cause it sounds like you hatin.'"

Cardi B then talked about the importance of supporting each other.

"Am I bugging?" she captioned the video. "Women talk about uplifting each other, but are we really uplifting each other?"


The Grammy winner has always been open and honest about her plastic surgery.

"I can't swim so I bought these t-tties so I can float," the celeb wrote on Instagram last month.

She also canceled a few shows earlier this year to fully recovercele from her procedure.

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