Love don't cost a thing, but Jennifer Lopez definitely deserves a couple of Benjamins for her pole dancing skills. 

She may make it look easy in the sizzling trailer for the film Hustlers, but in her newest YouTube video, the 50-year-old is proving that stripping is no joke. For the past few months, the singer has literally put blood, sweat and tears into preparing for her role as Ramona. In the 13-minute video, the star details those excruciating hours that she spent on the stripper pole as she learned every hand placement and hip twist that goes into mastering the pole.

Basically, if you didn't already admire her incredible talent before, then you will after watching this.

For starters, the mother-of-two had to gain enough strength to hang on the pole for minutes at a time. There's also the matter of sliding down a pole, which, unsurprisingly, hurts quite a bit. In one clip, the actress shows the cameras the numerous bruises scattered up and down the inner part of her legs. 

One phrase Lopez shouts that summarizes the entire video: "Ugh! My crotch!"

Injuries aside, the "Dinero" singer mastered these challenging skills just four months before filming started. "Cardi was telling me it took her years—like she's great at it—but it took her years to figure out all of this stuff," the performer explains.

Now, the star doesn't show her entire floor routine, because that would obviously ruin the surprise, but she does share that she is going all in with this role. Jennifer confidently states, "I'm going to get money and these guys come in here and they want sexy, slutty, dirty, fantasy."

And from the looks of what is revealed, boy, does she deliver. In a behind-the-scenes moment the director tells J. Lo, "It looked so f--king good." 

Plus, others chime in to tell her how "unreal" it was. This seemingly makes Jennifer emotional because she says, "Okay, I feel like crying a little bit."

To truly see the star in all her glory, check out Hustlers when it hits theaters on Sept. 13.

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