Snapchat Renews E!'s Face Forward for Season 3 & Doubles Up on What the Fashion

Hear from series hosts Patrick Starrr and Justin Martindale in this cosmetics-centric ASMR video!

By Emily Mae Czachor Sep 05, 2019 9:55 PMTags
Watch: Patrick Starrr Faces ASMR Questions on "The Quietest Talk Show Ever"

Great news, fashion fans!

E!'s Face Forward returns to Snapchat for a third season this Saturday, Sept. 7, and its beloved beauty guru Patrick Starrr whispers all about it in this hilarious new ASMR video opposite What the Fashion's Justin Martindale. Appropriate, considering the latter Snap series now officially airs twice a week—Wednesdays and Fridays—and that's definitely something to celebrate.

So, during a particularly stylish episode of what Patrick and Justin are calling The Quietest Talk Show Ever, the duo pays some due homage to the double renewal. 

When they aren't exchanging zingers about fashion statements most of us are hearing about for the first time (heads up for the squeamish: there's brief chatter about an eyeball piercing, which is apparently a real thing some people are into, though neither host is feeling it), they're identifying cosmetics products blindfolded and also teasing a little bit about Face Forward's upcoming 8-episode installation, entitled Face Forward: Master Class.

Morgan Stewart & Hunter March on The ASMR Talk Show

"The new season is…a masterclass on all things makeup," Patrick murmurs softly into the mic, adding that the show will see lots of "kick-ass celebrity-inspired makeovers" by the expert for ladies who "are ready for a fresh start." 

Hear more about Face Forward's third season—and see if Patrick is as familiar with how makeup "sounds" as how it looks—in the video above!

E!'s What the Fashion premieres Wednesdays and Fridays on Snapchat Discover!