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In a surprising twist, it appears to be the Big Apple that's taking a bite out of the Real Housewives.

Fresh off the news that New York's resident Miss Manners, Countess Luann de Lesseps, has separated from her title-holding hubby of 16 years, comes word that Real Housewives of New York City costars Kelly Killoren Bensimon and Alex McCord are attempting to take back their share of the spotlight dealing with some offscreen drama of their own.

Bensimon, the newest castmember and former wife of fashion photographer Gilles, headed to court this morning, where she was ready to face a misdemeanor assault charge lobbed by an ex-boyfriend, while McCord took to the Internet to discuss her recent layoff.

But not, thank Bravo, from the reality hit.

Instead, McCord posted in the first of a new series of columns on the Huffington Post describing her reaction to being fired from her graphic-design position three weeks ago.

"After the initial shock and weekend, I 'took some time to process,' which is a polite way of saying I did nothing," she writes. "Well, that's not exactly true—I appeared on Mike & Juliet to weigh in on the Rihanna/Chris debacle with a side of the First Lady's forearms, and also began to update my resume."

Still, McCord's job search is not without its unique problems.

"When I walked into the career center, people recognized me," the love-to-hate-her reality star says of the reception she got from the fellow unemployed. "'Wow, you were laid off, too? It really can happen to anyone.' "

McCord also says she's begun talking to a career counselor about another of her singular dilemmas.

"At what point do you tell people you're on a show?"

Probably around the same time you tell people you're facing a misdemeanor charge, which is what her fellow Housewife (who, technically, is no longer a wife) did today.

Bensimon appeared in court to face a charge of misdemeanor assault against ex-boyfriend Nicolas Stefanov stemming from her arrest earlier this month.

"I'm really upset by the entire process," she told Extra. "My beautiful girls and I are being exposed to a horrible situation. I just think it's unsettling."

The former model and tanning enthusiast went on to say that her main concern lies with how the legal proceedings are affecting her two daughters.

"It's not really about me. It's about my girls. My girls don't need to be exposed to something like this. It's really inappropriate—I don't want to speak ill of anyone. That's not who I am. I don't want to do that."

Quick, someone explain to Bethenny why her ears are ringing.

As for her hearing, Bensimon's accuser failed to show up to the proceedings, and should he once again prove a no-show on June 8, when the next hearing is scheduled, the case against Bensimon will be dismissed.

Stefanov, whom attorney Ed Hayes described as "a jilted moron," claims he was punched in the face during a heated argument.

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